A Big S


I’ve said before that I live in the coolest apartment ever, and it’s true. It is a big old white house with a front porch. There are 6 apartments on the inside. The house is very lovely on the outside, but I always think the front door needs a decoration. Shhhh…. don’t tell my neighbors or landlord that I’m the one doing this. At Christmas I had my mom make a wreath for the door. I loved it and left it up through Valentine’s day. It was just burlap and red. Not too Christmas-y. I’m not that tacky. For Valentine’s day my mom got me a present. It was a big swirly S for the front door of the house. S is the first letter of the apartment’s name, but it also secretly stands for Sammie. I like to pretend that this whole house is mine. If I ever won the lottery, I would want this house.


The S came from Hobby Lobby and she painted it. I added the burlap ribbon and bow. I stink at making bows so this was quite and accomplishment.


I love it. I think it suits the house perfectly. I smile every time I drive past it. It’s just the right amount of elegant!


Hotty Petoddy





Meet Petoddy! For a while now I’ve been wanting a dog. I finally decided that it was time. All I really knew was that I wanted to rescue an animal, but I wasn’t looking for a specific breed. I looked online, but then just decided to ride around to a few places and see what there was. I knew I wanted a female and it had to be under 40 pounds for my apartment. I did not think I would get a dog today. I just thought I would be checking out the places, seeing what the adoption fees were, and seeing if there was any dog that would make a good pet for me.

I went to 2 places with no luck.The last place I went was the Humane society. They had a beagle online that I was interested in, but when I got there she had been adopted already. Oh no! The lady told me about a sweet small black dog named Petoddy that I should check out. I walked around and looked at all the dogs (I thought), but I needed directions to Petoddy’s cage. All the dogs were barking but her. She was just sitting there sweetly. She licked my hand and rubbed her head against my hand too.



They let me take her for a walk. These are pictures of our little walk where we fell in love. They do not hold dogs, but I needed to get approval from my apartment before I committed to her. My apartment complex said yes and I began filling out paper work. My head was exploding and I almost peed in my pants from excitement! Her name was a little odd, but kind of funny. I liked it. Apparently a lady at the shelter had named her because she came in pregnant and back in the day a “hotty petoddy” was a flousy and that is what she was. Her name is just Petoddy and I think we’ll keep it. It’s unique.

I was taking a dog home, and had nothing for her. Lucky for my I have a wonderful family. My mom let me borrow a baby gate, my sister brought her some toys, and my dad picked up some other essentials like a crate and dog food. I was on a time crunch because I did have to go to work, so their efforts were greatly appreciated and really helpful.

So far she has fallen in love with a stuffed rat and made it her baby. I think she misses her litter (they did not survive). Now she is sleeping on the couch cuddled up with a few stuffed animals. Actually she practically buried herself with animals and pillows. I’m glad she is finally relaxing a little bit. I hope we make a perfect pair and that she loves her forever home!


P.S. She is a small dog even though she looks kind of big in her pictures.


Lion, Tigers, and Tutus…Oh My!


It’s monday morning at approximately 11:00 am and I’m still laying in bed. I’ve only gotten up to potty and get my computer. I am completely and totally exhausted. I guess this is how everyone feels after a dance competition weekend. I was rushing to the competition both Saturday and Sunday after work and arrived back home at an extremely late hour both nights. Lucky for me I have Monday’s off from work so I do get the wonderful privilege of bumming it out in the morning. And no, I’m not trying to rub that fact in to all the dancers, and other teachers, and parents, and siblings, and family members that were there to support this weekend.

This weekend was killer! Our (and by our I’m including all the other dance teachers from my studio) dancers looked so great! They were clean, focused, determined, full of emotion, and full of love and passion for dance. I could never ask for better students, parents, or other teachers than the ones I work with and for. These kids are fighters and they totally proved it this weekend!

There are some tater-tots that hang around on competition days. They are younger siblings of dancers and the daughter of another dance teacher. I am trying really hard to bribe them, so I can be the favorite. I have to do this because I’m the dorkiest of the dance teachers and in a few years they will know that I’m not cool. Ha Ha. Not too long ago I purchased this really cool bag of plastic animals from the consignment store and thought I would use it as a birthday present for a little boy I know. I used his present to bribe some other kids. I know this is horrible of me, but his birthday is months away. I have plenty of time to get him something great.

I had decided that these animals would look fierce in tutus. And I was correct!


They were hilarious. The girls loved them, but I think I might have enjoyed it more. So perhaps it should say…Zebras, Tigers, and Horses in tutus…oh my!


Go Tiger…you work that runway!


I had to take a side shot. This were so much fun.

Don’t worry though. There is still another animal left for me. I think it might need some gold spray paint and glitter. I’m not quite sure yet but I will let you know when I have a finished product!

How 2 shirts became 1


I love to thrift. I think it’s crazy that everyone doesn’t do it. Finding a good deal is so ridiculously exciting I could almost pee my pants. I also like hunting for things that can be made into other things. That means I get to have a 1 of a kind thing that no one else has. That is what this story is about. I was shopping at one of my favorite thrift stores on half price day, which by the way is fabulous and chaotic all at the same time. I found 2 shirts that I really loved. Not because they were cute, that is for sure, but because they were such pretty colors. I didn’t know what I would do at first, but I knew I would come up with a plan.


This green shirt is obviously too small.


This blue grandma shirt has shoulder pads. Yuck!


Ta-da! Here is the finished product! I added a panel to the front and back and then add strips of green to create a ladder. I shortened the sleeves, and then had to take in the sides a little bit since the shirt got wider when I added the panels.


I’m watching you!


Here is an up close picture of some of the details.


This picture is just for fun. I’m not even really sure how it happened.

This weekend just so happens to start competition season for the studio where I teach dance. And this shirt just so happens to be the same colors as productions costumes. Happy accident? I think so. It must be a divine sign that I need to wear it to competition this weekend. I think so!

Betty Boop called…she want’s her hair back.


There is something quite magical about having curly hair. Every day is an adventure and every strand of hair has a mind of it’s own. No strand wants to cooperate with another strand. They like to all go in different directions and some can even defy gravity. Could you imagine my hair trying to do a group project? It would be absolutely ridiculous! I actually really enjoy having curly hair, but I also really like making fun of it because some days it’s just funny. Today was one of those day.

dark hair

Here is me with long curly hair last summer. It’s the most tangly hair ever. It will form dreadlocks overnight if I’m not careful. It likes to shed everywhere, and clog my shower.

short hair 5

Here is me with short hair. Really short hair. I did this around August, I think. I had been considering cutting my hair for a while. I though Ginnifer Goodwin had the cutest hair cut and I had mentioned it multiple times to my mom (who is my hair dresser). My hair has been short before. Heck, it’s been all shaved off before. I had contemplated this for a while and didn’t want to make a crazy decision. I was in the process of going through many changes. Not too long before I had moved out of my parents house and was totally on my own for the first time ever. A relationship I was in ended. I was also in the middle of preparing to change jobs, which meant other relationships were going to end too. A lot of stuff had happened, and was happening. My life was changing a bunch, so I figured my hair should just change a bunch with me. Many people didn’t want me to cut my hair, so I think that might have pushed me over the edge just a little bit too. All of these little things seemed so big to me and I liked having a new hairstyle to go along with it.

There are a few problems with short hair. Basically, there is no way to hide gray hair except for under a hat and then you risk looking like you have no hair at all. You might not believe me, but I started finding gray hairs in high school. I don’t really mind them that much, but they are really shiny in the sunlight. I felt like I needed to dye it every two weeks. Also, my hair ended up being curlier than it was the last time it was all cut off. And so heredity kicked in and I had major duck tails in the back that refused to lay down. Apparently both sides of my family have crazy hair lines in the back.

I started to miss being able to put my hair up and it was needing so much more attention than when it was long, so I began the journey of growing out my hair. This really hasn’t been all that bad. My hair hasn’t really been all that horrible. Just a little bit. Today I decided I would try to be a little bit healthier and just let it air dry and not touch it with the straightener. Boy…that was not the best idea I every had.


My hair bore a strange resemblance to Betty Boop’s hair. Do you see it? Sticking up in all directions wasn’t really the look I was going for. And then it rained today, and it got a little bit crazier. I guess I’m just stuck with crazy hair. If that’s the worst problem I faced today then my life is pretty darn great! I just can’t wait to have a pony tail again….sigh. Time moves slowly when hair is growing.

Rock the Boat


It’s that time of year again…Dance competition season!!!! It’s so close I can taste it. Well, maybe that is just a side effect of smelling too much E600 glue this time of year. The studio I work for is heading out to the first competition this weekend, and finishing touches are being placed on dances and on costumes. I think all dances need a headpiece of some sort. The costume never seems totally complete without a little extra something for the hair. Lucky for me, my boss agrees and all dances have them. I have been making a bunch of headpieces in the past weeks, but I was working on some really cute ones today. The dance is called “Rock the Boat” and has a nautical/boat/cruise theme.


Lycra (that matches the costume) and felt all cut out and ready to glue.


These gold anchor buttons are like buried treasure on my kitchen floor.


The finished product! I think they are super cute.

I cut out a rectangle from felt and then wrapped the lycra around the felt and attached it with a hot glue. I then made a ruffle and hot glued in to the side. Lastly I glued the 3 buttons down the front. Now I just have 21 more to finish.

Wish us luck this weekend! I’m already proud of all the dancers.

100 Year Anniversary


Today is the 100th anniversary of the church I attend. Technically yesterday marked 100 years, but today is for celebrating. I am proud to say that I have spent just over 1/4th of that time with them (my entire life). There is a special church service today, and in true southern church going fashion we are having a pot-luck lunch after the service. I of course wanted to contribute and be apart of this, but unfortunately, like I’ve mentioned before, I am really bad at cooking food. So, I baked for dessert. I followed the recipe here…Easy Lemon Cookies. They were in fact very easy to make. They are pretty delish if you like lemon!