Hey look…I’m a blogger now!


Hi. I’m Sammie. This is my first blog post ever! I’m not going to lie. I’m a little nervous. I feel like I’m setting up an online dating profile with this post. I want to give a good first impression so you’ll come back and check out the other stuff I post. (and maybe ask me out on a date…just kidding, maybe)

I am a little bit all over the place sometimes, so I will try to make this as understandable as possible….I am currently 26 years old. I live in the same (wonderful) small town that I grew up in. I work as a sales associate at a consignment store, which is obviously the best kind of store ever. I also teach dance, and dance when I get the chance. I’m silly. I like to ride my bike to work, but only because it’s 4 blocks away not because I’m super athletic. I am a little bit athletic though. I love God, and still attend the same church I grew up in. It’s wonderful! I like the sunshine, but not when it’s too hot outside. I also don’t like when it’s really cold. I live in the best apartment ever because it’s a super cool old mansion like house converted into apartments. I’m really close with my family, but especially my sister. We’re Irish twins. I’m 11 months younger. I have the best niece ever! I love getting a good deal. I really wish it was possible to live off of sugar (and popcorn) because I am a sweets addict, but I try to be somewhat healthy. I like to bake, but I am horrible at regular cooking. I love to do arts and crafts, which is what brings me to the blog world.

I am creating a blog so I have an outlet to share what I make. My goal for the blog is for it to be primarily about arts and crafts and then a little bit about my life in general. Check back to see how it actually turns out. I hope it ends up being great!

I think I left some stuff out, but whatever…this is a blog. I can always tell you more!


This is me playing in the snow today. It’s not normal for this kind of weather in NC.


8 thoughts on “Hey look…I’m a blogger now!

  1. Alex Storey

    Hello Irish twin…I can see that the snow has inspired you. Good luck with your blog…you are always working on some cool project…and of course my favorite saying…which I risk might get deleted because you dislike so much but…you are just a little ball of talent…haha

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