Betty Boop called…she want’s her hair back.


There is something quite magical about having curly hair. Every day is an adventure and every strand of hair has a mind of it’s own. No strand wants to cooperate with another strand. They like to all go in different directions and some can even defy gravity. Could you imagine my hair trying to do a group project? It would be absolutely ridiculous! I actually really enjoy having curly hair, but I also really like making fun of it because some days it’s just funny. Today was one of those day.

dark hair

Here is me with long curly hair last summer. It’s the most tangly hair ever. It will form dreadlocks overnight if I’m not careful. It likes to shed everywhere, and clog my shower.

short hair 5

Here is me with short hair. Really short hair. I did this around August, I think. I had been considering cutting my hair for a while. I though Ginnifer Goodwin had the cutest hair cut and I had mentioned it multiple times to my mom (who is my hair dresser). My hair has been short before. Heck, it’s been all shaved off before. I had contemplated this for a while and didn’t want to make a crazy decision. I was in the process of going through many changes. Not too long before I had moved out of my parents house and was totally on my own for the first time ever. A relationship I was in ended. I was also in the middle of preparing to change jobs, which meant other relationships were going to end too. A lot of stuff had happened, and was happening. My life was changing a bunch, so I figured my hair should just change a bunch with me. Many people didn’t want me to cut my hair, so I think that might have pushed me over the edge just a little bit too. All of these little things seemed so big to me and I liked having a new hairstyle to go along with it.

There are a few problems with short hair. Basically, there is no way to hide gray hair except for under a hat and then you risk looking like you have no hair at all. You might not believe me, but I started finding gray hairs in high school. I don’t really mind them that much, but they are really shiny in the sunlight. I felt like I needed to dye it every two weeks. Also, my hair ended up being curlier than it was the last time it was all cut off. And so heredity kicked in and I had major duck tails in the back that refused to lay down. Apparently both sides of my family have crazy hair lines in the back.

I started to miss being able to put my hair up and it was needing so much more attention than when it was long, so I began the journey of growing out my hair. This really hasn’t been all that bad. My hair hasn’t really been all that horrible. Just a little bit. Today I decided I would try to be a little bit healthier and just let it air dry and not touch it with the straightener. Boy…that was not the best idea I every had.


My hair bore a strange resemblance to Betty Boop’s hair. Do you see it? Sticking up in all directions wasn’t really the look I was going for. And then it rained today, and it got a little bit crazier. I guess I’m just stuck with crazy hair. If that’s the worst problem I faced today then my life is pretty darn great! I just can’t wait to have a pony tail again….sigh. Time moves slowly when hair is growing.


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