Lion, Tigers, and Tutus…Oh My!


It’s monday morning at approximately 11:00 am and I’m still laying in bed. I’ve only gotten up to potty and get my computer. I am completely and totally exhausted. I guess this is how everyone feels after a dance competition weekend. I was rushing to the competition both Saturday and Sunday after work and arrived back home at an extremely late hour both nights. Lucky for me I have Monday’s off from work so I do get the wonderful privilege of bumming it out in the morning. And no, I’m not trying to rub that fact in to all the dancers, and other teachers, and parents, and siblings, and family members that were there to support this weekend.

This weekend was killer! Our (and by our I’m including all the other dance teachers from my studio) dancers looked so great! They were clean, focused, determined, full of emotion, and full of love and passion for dance. I could never ask for better students, parents, or other teachers than the ones I work with and for. These kids are fighters and they totally proved it this weekend!

There are some tater-tots that hang around on competition days. They are younger siblings of dancers and the daughter of another dance teacher. I am trying really hard to bribe them, so I can be the favorite. I have to do this because I’m the dorkiest of the dance teachers and in a few years they will know that I’m not cool. Ha Ha. Not too long ago I purchased this really cool bag of plastic animals from the consignment store and thought I would use it as a birthday present for a little boy I know. I used his present to bribe some other kids. I know this is horrible of me, but his birthday is months away. I have plenty of time to get him something great.

I had decided that these animals would look fierce in tutus. And I was correct!


They were hilarious. The girls loved them, but I think I might have enjoyed it more. So perhaps it should say…Zebras, Tigers, and Horses in tutus…oh my!


Go Tiger…you work that runway!


I had to take a side shot. This were so much fun.

Don’t worry though. There is still another animal left for me. I think it might need some gold spray paint and glitter. I’m not quite sure yet but I will let you know when I have a finished product!


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