Hotty Petoddy





Meet Petoddy! For a while now I’ve been wanting a dog. I finally decided that it was time. All I really knew was that I wanted to rescue an animal, but I wasn’t looking for a specific breed. I looked online, but then just decided to ride around to a few places and see what there was. I knew I wanted a female and it had to be under 40 pounds for my apartment. I did not think I would get a dog today. I just thought I would be checking out the places, seeing what the adoption fees were, and seeing if there was any dog that would make a good pet for me.

I went to 2 places with no luck.The last place I went was the Humane society. They had a beagle online that I was interested in, but when I got there she had been adopted already. Oh no! The lady told me about a sweet small black dog named Petoddy that I should check out. I walked around and looked at all the dogs (I thought), but I needed directions to Petoddy’s cage. All the dogs were barking but her. She was just sitting there sweetly. She licked my hand and rubbed her head against my hand too.



They let me take her for a walk. These are pictures of our little walk where we fell in love. They do not hold dogs, but I needed to get approval from my apartment before I committed to her. My apartment complex said yes and I began filling out paper work. My head was exploding and I almost peed in my pants from excitement! Her name was a little odd, but kind of funny. I liked it. Apparently a lady at the shelter had named her because she came in pregnant and back in the day a “hotty petoddy” was a flousy and that is what she was. Her name is just Petoddy and I think we’ll keep it. It’s unique.

I was taking a dog home, and had nothing for her. Lucky for my I have a wonderful family. My mom let me borrow a baby gate, my sister brought her some toys, and my dad picked up some other essentials like a crate and dog food. I was on a time crunch because I did have to go to work, so their efforts were greatly appreciated and really helpful.

So far she has fallen in love with a stuffed rat and made it her baby. I think she misses her litter (they did not survive). Now she is sleeping on the couch cuddled up with a few stuffed animals. Actually she practically buried herself with animals and pillows. I’m glad she is finally relaxing a little bit. I hope we make a perfect pair and that she loves her forever home!


P.S. She is a small dog even though she looks kind of big in her pictures.



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