A Big S


I’ve said before that I live in the coolest apartment ever, and it’s true. It is a big old white house with a front porch. There are 6 apartments on the inside. The house is very lovely on the outside, but I always think the front door needs a decoration. Shhhh…. don’t tell my neighbors or landlord that I’m the one doing this. At Christmas I had my mom make a wreath for the door. I loved it and left it up through Valentine’s day. It was just burlap and red. Not too Christmas-y. I’m not that tacky. For Valentine’s day my mom got me a present. It was a big swirly S for the front door of the house. S is the first letter of the apartment’s name, but it also secretly stands for Sammie. I like to pretend that this whole house is mine. If I ever won the lottery, I would want this house.


The S came from Hobby Lobby and she painted it. I added the burlap ribbon and bow. I stink at making bows so this was quite and accomplishment.


I love it. I think it suits the house perfectly. I smile every time I drive past it. It’s just the right amount of elegant!


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