Southern Girls and their Monograms


Perhaps this isn’t just a southern girls thing. Perhaps it’s a girls all over the world thing…but I’m thinking probably not. Girls around here love their monogram and want to put it on everything they own. I used to think it was ridiculous what people would stitch their initials on. I met a girl in college who had her monogram on her laundry basket, all of her bedding, her car, her laptop, etc…. and I met another girl who even had her monogram tattooed on her. Let’s get real people. It is a little out of control.

With all that being said I have a confession to make. I love a good monogram! I love it on a baby’s dress. I love it on the little old man’s sweater who I attend church with. I love it on a pocket. Who have I become? I’m not usually one to just jump aboard these trend trains. I’m usually a little defiant. Is there something wrong with me? No (well, probably yes, but not in this situation).

Lucky for me, I have a friend named Susan who has a business called Basement Bags. I decided I wanted everything I owned monogramed. About 3 seconds later I decided that was a horrible decision. I really would like for my monogram to change one day, so I won’t put it on everything. At the rate I’m going now, everything I had monogramed will be out of style by the time my initials change anyways.


Susan made 3 things for me this go around. The first was a shirt for a little tot that I know. She is currently obsessed with Minnie Mouse, and it was so cute that I couldn’t resist getting it. I haven’t given it to her yet, but I’m pretty sure a 3 year old isn’t reading my blog. Don’t spoil the surprise if you’ve figured out who it’s for.


The second item was a pocket. My sister gave me a pocket at Christmas and I loved it, so I had another one made that would be more for spring and summer. I actually sewed it onto the shirt myself, but she could totally have done it. Not only is she super with monograms, appliqués, and just having great taste, she is an excellent seamstress too! (It’s a selfie. Don’t hate too hard. I didn’t want to set my camera up and there was no one around to take a pic. )


The last thing she made me was a patch. I have this big bag, but when I took it to her it wouldn’t fit on the machine because of the metal in the top. Imagine how bummed out I was. But being as clever as she is, she came up with an idea. She made me a patch and then I glued the patch to my bag with E6000. I feel like I have transformed into a sorority girl (haha), but I do love my bag!!!!


Petoddy approved of the bag too. Now we just need to get her something monogramed. She wouldn’t be a true southern girl without her initials on at least one thing.

I love everything Basement Bags made for me. The prices are reasonable and everything is of extremely high quality. Please check her out for your monograming needs. You can also find her on Facebook to see the cute projects she is currently working on.


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