Custom Tater Tot Clothes


If you haven’t noticed yet, I refer to my niece as a tater tot. With stats at 90th percentile length and 15th percentile weight, she is actually more like a french fry or a green bean, but never the less she will always be my tater tot. And she is the most beautiful tater tot I’ve ever seen.

Alex, my sister, sent me a link to a website with the most adorable little girl clothes. I can’t remember the site now, but I was really sad because there was nothing small enough for my favorite tot. She needed these beautiful funky clothes with lace and ruffles. Lucky for her she has a wonderful aunt, me, that will probably end up making her whatever she wants as she grows up. Not only am I just an all around great aunt (haha)…I’m a sucker and at 6 months I think she already knows it.


This was the first shirt I made her. It was a little boys button down shirt. I made a ruffle the bottom with extra fabric from the sleeves and with lace. Out of the lace I also created a peter-pan collar and poofy sleeves.  I had to open the neck on the back of the shirt so it would fit over her head and added a button and an elastic closure. I think this will be so cute with little leggings and boots!


This was the second item I made her. It is supposed to be a dress, but I think is going to more of a tunic on her long little body.  I started with a onesie, but I cut the bottom out of it, so it would be easier to sew the skirt on, plus I’m not sure it would have snapped at the bottom. Then I made the skirt part. This fabric is a little bit special because it is left over from the quilt I made her for Christmas. It’s just cotton and such a sweet pattern for a little girl. There is elastic at the waist so it’s easier to get on and off. I added a lace ruffle on the bottom and on the sleeves. And of course added another peter-pan collar on this one too.

I’m really excited that she has some funky one of a kind things that no one else will have. Now if I could just get some combat boots on her I think we would be set.

charley wagon

Here is a picture of my beautiful little tot, if you can find her. She is in her wagon with the quilt that matches her dress. She fell asleep with all of her stuffed animals while on a walk around the neighbor hood.


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