Curtain Help…Pretty Please


I’ve been working on curtains for my bedroom and it seems like the never ending project. I am almost finished, but I’m not exactly sure how I want to finish them, so I’m seeking some advice. So if you are a crafter, sewer, or just a person with all around good taste I would love your opinion at the end of this blog post.

anthro curtains

These are the curtains I fell in love with. They are made by Anthropologie. I am pretty sure they are over priced, and they aren’t made big enough for what I need. My ceilings and windows are tall. I decided to make a copy cat.


Here is what I’ve been working on. I had lace left over from some old curtains and I purchased some orange fabric. Here is a curtain panel all laid out on my kitchen floor.


I sewed all of the pieces together and finished the edges. Now for my dilemma…I don’t know how to finish the top. It’s not that I don’t know how. It’s that I’m not certain what I want. I have narrowed it down to 2 options.

curtains 1

The first option is like this. It involves sewing tabs onto the back so that the top of the curtain has almost an accordion effect. My concern with this one is that the orange fabric might be to thin. I’m not lining the curtain because I want to see through the lace and you would see the tabs sewn onto the back.


This is the second option. It involves just one seam across the top and the curtain rod threaded all the way across. My concern with this one is that I don’t think it looks quite as professional. Or maybe I’m just not liking it quite as much.

If someone would just magically make up my mind for me that would be great. What do you think I should do?

I promise I will share a picture when I’m done If I make a decision and actually finish them.


3 thoughts on “Curtain Help…Pretty Please

  1. Healthy Harriet

    My thoughts:

    If the fabric is thin, the accordian effect may not work out like in the picture.

    The accordian effect to my mind is a bit more ‘modern’ and the other is a bit more ‘traditional’

    You could also sew loops on top as an option?

    Or sew on curtain tape that gives you the accordian effect when you add in curtain hooks (thats what I do)

    The non-accordian method is pretty certain to look ok (in terms of how it hangs), especially when curtains are closed. There could be an issue about ease of drawing and opening so leave lots of room in the seam.

    I am in awe of your patience in sewing the fabric together!!!

    I am good at coming up with ideas but often lack the patience to do the hard graft and complete projects

    Please post the finished result!! Have a good day.

    • Thanks for your comments. I’m not a big fan of the tabs at the top or curtain hooks. Not for this project anyways. I think you are correct about the modern vs. traditional aspect and I might have to go with the more traditional one this time around. I will definitely share pictures when they are finished, but it might be a little while.

  2. Hi, I would go with the first option (the tabs). A cool curtain deserves a nice drape as well. I’ve used both options for the curtains I’ve made and I definitely like the tabs more.
    I’m not sure I understand the problem with using tabs. What’s the width of the orange stripes? 10? 12cm?
    I’m just guessing it’s 12cm now 🙂 Then I would cut a piece of the the orange fabric that’s 12+12+1+1=26cm (1+1 is for seam allowance). Fold it over, press. Pin the tabs to the fabric. Fasten them with a stitch ~2-3cm from the fold. Fold over the tabs so that they face the edges, press. Baste the tabs in place (only to the nearest fabric, not both). Sew the “front side fabric” to the lace. Press a crease at the 1cm seam allowance on the side with the tabs. Sew together with the front using a “top stitch”.

    Not sure that was the best explanation but hopefully you get the idea :). With this, the tabs shouldn’t be visible on the front and you could actually choose which way you’d like to hang the curtains.

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