Shredded Lace Curtain


Now this project has served a few purposes over the past year, but I always knew it would end up on one of my walls.

wedding backdrop

Here it is in it’s original glory. I had helped throw a couples shower for my cousin and we made a backdrop to go behind the couple’s table. It turned out super cute and then they used it at the wedding reception with some slight editing. During it’s glory days, the stick broke. Have no fear I had an extra stick. You might be wondering why one would have two sticks just laying around. Well, when I went on a stick hunt the first time, there were 2 that looked great. I couldn’t just leave a good looking stick laying in the woods to be found by someone else. I snagged it and knew it would come in handy one day.

That stick has been laying in my living room floor for a while now and many have wondered about it. Petoddy has also tried to chew on it multiple times. I knew it was time to give that stick a home over my bed.

I started by holding the stick up to about where I thought it should hang and I marked 4 places to put hooks on the wall. Then I screwed the hooks in and put the stick up to make sure it fit. (Right now my dad is having a heart attack because I hung something on the wall without supervision and I didn’t mention measuring)


These are the hooks I used.


Here you can see the 4 hooks that look like they are sporadically scattered on my wall. You can also see my bird pictures that I made a while ago and love dearly.


And now you can see that the hooks weren’t totally randomly placed, but were actually perfect for the stick.


The next step is what took the longest. Cutting the fabric actually took the longest, but since I did that part over a year ago I feel like I don’t really remember it as much. I used a white sheet, a tan sheet, a lace curtain, and a table cloth. Initially I wanted to use burlap too, and I still think it would look good, but it’s messy and I didn’t want to clean it up. I got all of these things for super cheap at the thrift store. You could just purchase fabric in the color you want, but I love a good deal! After they were all cut into long strips I tied them to the stick making sure the knot was facing the back as much as possible. I tied them closer together this time because I didn’t want the curtain to extend past the sides of my bed because I knew the vent would blow them all over the place and drive me crazy. After all of the strips were all tied it was time to hang up. This part was surprisingly easy other than the fact that Petoddy wanted to sit on the curtain.


I was wondering weather or not I would like it if I left my bird pictures hanging up, but I did like it…a lot! I shoved all of the longer pieces behind my headboard.


I love, love, love it! I can’t wait to go to be tonight just so I can be near it. I know that one day I might end up married to someone who says that I can’t have a girly lacy curtain behind the bed and lacy curtains on the window and girly stuff all over the bedroom. But for now I’m single and I will put all of the girly stuff all over my house.

I’m glad that I no longer have a giant stick in the middle of my living room floor, and I’m sure any guests might agree with me. I also finished a project that has been ready to go for months. I’m feeling quite successful. I’m also feeling quite successful that I made 2 blog posts 2 days in a row. Actually, I’m sure that part was because I had 2 days off. It’s been a great 2 days of cuddling with my Petoddy, but it’s back to the grind stone tomorrow.


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