St. Patty’s Day Edition


There are plenty of times when I realize that I’m not like a normal young adult. Today was St. Patrick’s day, and over the weekend many other young adults celebrated. I didn’t go to a bar crawl, or drink green beer, or go to a parade. Actually I almost had forgotten about St. Patty’s this year.

Even though I didn’t celebrate in the usual ways, I did know I needed to wear green tonight. I teach dance on Monday nights and I was thinking that first group of 6 and 7 year olds could probably pinch pretty hard with their tiny fingers. I did not want to experience that. I snagged a big t-shirt from the consignment store Sunday night after work.


Here is the t-shirt. It’s cute, but a little big. I will try to explain what I did, but I forgot to take pictures of every step and sometimes I’m not great at instructions, but I will try.


I started by cutting out the neck, cutting off the sleeves, and cutting the back into a racer back pattern. I also cut a slit straight across the back of the shirt under the racerback piece.


I tied all of the pieces of the racerback together. I made a bow out of the left over fabric from the sleeves and sewed it over this. In the front I tied the straps with scraps of fabric so the straps wouldn’t be as wide. (This is where I stopped taking pics).

I cut straight down the bottom of the shirt. I crossed the 2 pieces over and sewed them together at the top. Then I rounded off the corners in the back.


Here is the front with a scrap of green tied in my hair for a headband. It might be silly, but it’s fun for dance.


Here is the back. I loved the bow.

This might not be the best thing I’ve ever made, but it certainly wasn’t the worst. It was fun at the studio and all the kids loved it. I know it isn’t perfect, but it served it’s purpose. It made some kids smile and I didn’t get pinched. I will probably wear it to the studio again. It made for a pretty good dance top.

P.S. My leggings look crazy because they are actually for running and are reflective. When the camera flashed it made them look quite interesting in the pictures.


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