I didn’t make these today. It was actually a little while ago. These cookies were seriously delicious.


I had gotten the ingredients one time when I thought I would make these, but I didn’t. So on a boring day I decided to make them. This is the recipe for Toffee-Chocolate Chip Shortbread Cookies. I did mess up the recipe a little bit though. And by mess up, I mean I didn’t quite follow the directions because I’m not great at that, but they turned out fine anyways. I accidentally used 1/3 cup of confectioner’s sugar instead of 1/4. Also, I couldn’t find toffee chips at the store so I used heath bars and just crumbled them it. It made the cookies extra chocolate-y and extra yummy. It didn’t take quite 12-14 minutes in my oven.


All tied up in packages ready to deliver to friends and family. Everyone approved! You should make some someday (and share with me if you would like).


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