Dress Season


While out thrifting I saw a gorgeous shirt…actually it was quite hideous, but had so much potential and I had a plan for a dress. It’s almost my favorite season. It’s almost dress season! That means I can wear a dress every single day without tights or leggings. I love dresses and I was going to make me a new one.


Here it is. I told you it was ugly and it’s massive too.


Goodbye sleeves and shoulder pads. From here I took in the sides, finished the hem around the arms, cut the bottom off, and cut down the back of the shirt. Because the shirt was so big to begin with the arm holes turned out to be a bit bigger than I wanted, but it’s not too horrible. I will probably just have to wear a tank underneath.

Then, I made the bottom of the dress out of a funky chevron pattern. I’m almost over chevron for the most part, but this one was a little different. It kind of had an aztec-y feel to it even thought I’m not sure thats what you would call it. I basically made one big circle. I gathered the top and sewed it to a waist band. The waist band was then sewn to the top of the dress.

The last big step was installing an exposed zipper. I’ve never done this before, but it was pretty easy. Way easier than a regular zipper.  I watched this fabulous tutorial, and it gave perfect instructions. Mine isn’t perfect, but I’m sure there are other exposed zipper dresses to be made in my future.

The last step was hemming the skirt part. I accidentally made it a little bit shorter than I had planned. It might end up being a going out dress and not a dress for work. I could always add tights, but that takes away from the fun of dress season. Tights are for winter. My birthday is coming up soon. Maybe it will be my birthday dress.


Here it is. I paired it was a teal chevron necklace, teal bracelet, beige high heels, and a headband.


There is that beautiful zipper I stressed out about for no reason. For real though, you have to watch the tutorial, it makes it so easy.

mustard dress with sweater

Even though this sweater covers the cool zipper, I still like it. Maybe I could wear this until I’m slightly less pasty.


9 thoughts on “Dress Season

  1. Super cute! I wish I had your talent! When I’m thrifting, I pretty much have to take clothes as they are and pass on clothes with “potential” just because I don’t have the time or know-how to sew.

  2. Claudette

    So cute! Ingenious really. I remember those ruffle t shirt dresses your mom made you two! Seems lime that aster/chevron was called a flame stitch. Love it

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