Disney Dress


I have a little friend going to Disney World. Well, she actually won’t really even talk to me, so she might not be too much of a friend. She is my sister’s niece, and is super shy around me for some reason. I’m not that crazy. Anyway, she is going to Disney World soon, and I believe that all 5 year old girls going to Disney World should have special clothes for such a special place. The most adorable Minnie Mouse shirt came into the consignment store, but it was 2 sizes too big for what we needed. I made Alex buy it anyways and promised that I would make a dress out of it.

Little did I know I was going to be working with such a picky dresser. She likes tanks and racerback tops, soft, and nothing too tight on her tummy. I guess I can’t hate on her too much because I too am a stickler for clothes fitting exactly how I like . I formulated somewhat of a plan and got to work.


I gathered all of my supplies. I had the t-shirt, fabric for the bottom of the dress, elastic for the waist, matching thread, and also another solid black t-shirt that you cannot see in this picture because I decided I needed it later.


I used recycled shipping/packaging paper to make a pattern on. I used a tank top that fits her now and some measurements to make the pattern.

I cut out this pattern on the Minnie Mouse t-shirt and on the plain black t-shirt. I sewed the 2 front pieces together face side in at the neck and arm holes and I did the same with the back pieces. I flipped them right side out and then sewed the front to the back. I made sure I was sewing with a  zig-zag stitch so it would stretch as she put it on and off.

Now here is where I’m not so great because I forget to take pictures along the way and I’m not too wonderful at explaining, but I will try. I made the bottom of the dress out of a big circle of fabric kind of like a tube. I sewed around the top with a long stitch and then pulled it to gather it. I used 2 pieces of fabric to make the waist band. I sewed them to the top of the skirt and then to the bottom of the t-shirt leaving a hole in the back. I fed the elastic through the hole using a safety pin. I then sewed the elastic together and closed the hole.


Here is the front of the dress. I am in love with the glittery Minnie Mouse. It is just too cute. Also, we had to go with the traditional Minnie Mouse red and white polka dot to make this outfit perfect.


Here is the back. It has a racerback cut, just like she likes. I added a big bow to the back also for extra cuteness and there is also a bow for her to wear in her hair. I just love Disney and dresses, so of course I love this. I know she will look adorable. I hope she loves her dress and Disney World!


4 thoughts on “Disney Dress

  1. machinegunmama

    She said it! It is painfully adorable but don’t take it personal if she doesn’t fawn over. Kids can be super fickle 😉

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