On Turning 27 and Some Other Junk


I’ve been 27 for one week now. I transitioned from a someone in their mid twenties to a someone in their mid-late twenties. As I’m writing, it seems like a silly little thing, but it’s made me very aware of how old I am and feel. When I think back to being 20, I realize my life is nothing like I thought it would be at this age. It’s absolutely nothing like I would have imagined it to be. That doesn’t mean I don’t have a great life though.

I never really thought I would move back to my home town after college, but I did. The economy was not good and I was terrified I wouldn’t find a job, so I came home. I lived at my mom and step dad’s house for a while, but have been living own my own for a little over a year. I think moving back home strengthened my relationships with my family. I think if I had moved half way across the country like I originally thought, I would not be so close with everyone. I think I would miss out on seeing my sister basically everyday and the rest of my family all the time.

Over the past few years I developed stronger bonds with my family, but there is one relationship that I was sure I would have on lock down by age 27. I just knew I would be married by now. It’s obviously not happened, but that’s okay (or at least that’s what I keep telling myself). Actually I really would rather wait and be married to the right person than just to rush and find someone to marry for the sake of being married. I do believe it is a difficult age to be navigating and dating. It’s very difficult to look at your newsfeed on Facebook and see so many weddings and babies and feel like all the good guys are gone. When others try to set you up on dates you are of course grateful, but there is also a little piece inside that makes you think that they feel sorry for you because you are missing out on what they have.

Thinking back to age 20 again, I thought I would never want kids of my own. That’s changed too. My sister has a beautiful 8 month old daughter, and ever since she popped out, I’ve wanted one for myself. Now, I know it’s possible to have a baby without an actually man, but I cannot afford that or afford to take care of a baby all on my own. This too will just have to wait until Mr. Wonderful fall from the sky. Maybe he won’t fall from the sky, but at this point I’m not really sure where they come from so maybe he will appear soon.

As far as a job is concerned, I never really had a clue what I would be doing. A career is something adults have, but not me. Sometimes I think I should have one because it’s what all good adults have, but then again I’m not really a normal adult. Most of the time I don’t even feel like an adult at all. I feel like I’m just faking it until I get by. Maybe when all of the pieces fall into place I will feel like a real adult. I have jobs. I have multiple jobs. It makes for a crazy schedule, but I like what I do. I’ve always told myself that I would rather go to work and like what I do than make tons of money and be miserable at my job. I make enough to support myself and even put a little back for savings, and so I will keep my crazy schedule for now and not worry about a “career”.

And then there is my body. I have this wrinkle in my forehead that seems to get bigger each day, and I keep thinking, “What am I supposed to do about that?” It is gross and shouldn’t be there yet. I’m not old enough to have wrinkles, but it’s there and not going anywhere. I also have a ton of gray hair, but that doesn’t bother me as much. It started appearing when I was in high school, so I don’t feel like it’s really apart of my transition into be old. I’m also sore all the time. I think surely this is not what 27 should feel like. I am a fairly healthy and active person. If this is what aches and pains feel like at 27, I’m not sure I want to get too much older. It’s just a little frustrating.

So I’ve complained for a while now, but let me tell you how wonderful my life is and how blessed I am. I have an amazing family. I have some great friends. I love going to work. I love my dog. My body hurts because I’ve spent my life dancing and I wouldn’t change that for the world. I will get some wrinkle cream soon and it probably won’t make my wrinkle go away, but at least I will feel proactive. I’ve been lucky to always have what I’ve needed in life, and a lot of the time had what I wanted too. And ultimately God has a plan for me. He might not want me to get married at all, and if that’s the case then I will just have to do as he pleases. It’s hard for us to not compare our lives to each other, but we are all different and on different journeys. I just have to remember that my life is for me, not for everyone else. I don’t have to be the same as them.


Here I am at age 27. Sometimes I feel a little frustrated with life and getting “old,” but it’s okay. It’s a part of life and it’s a part of God’s plan. I am a lucky girl!

As far as crafting is concerned…I apologize for not having any completed projects to show recently. I’ve been working on multiple things, but just haven’t finished. I will share when things become complete.


3 thoughts on “On Turning 27 and Some Other Junk

  1. Laura

    You are an amazing young woman! You have shared some very personal feelings in an honest and thoughtful manner. Acknowledging that God’s plan for you might be different than what you hope for is not easy and being patient as your life unfolds and God’s plan becomes clear is also not easy. I am impressed that you articulate all of that so positively. I am certain that things will fall into place for you and that you will have all of the love and happiness that you deserve.

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