Thrifting Tips & Sweaters


When I go to a thrift store there are a few different things I’m usually looking for. The first thing I’m always looking for is crafting supplies. As you’ve probably figured out by now I love buying “ugly” clothes and up-cycling them into one of a kind unique pieces. The second thing I’m looking for is clothing, that either doesn’t have to be altered or needs minimal alterations. So basically clothes for me or others that are currently in style and in good condition. I am also always looking for a good stuffed animal for my pup to chew on and I always look through the trinket-y things even though I don’t frequently purchase those types of things. Shoes and pants are about impossible to fit on my correctly so I usually just don’t look for those at the thrift store. I’ve been lucky in the past, but I know a store where the jeans always fit so sometimes I just buckle down and go to the mall *gasp* I know, who even shops at the mall anymore?

Thrift shopping is not like shopping at the mall. There aren’t multiple things in different sizes and the organization isn’t always there, but I have a few tips for you.

Be patient and give yourself time. You will have to look at a lot of junk before you find your diamond. I suggest looking at every single thing on the rack. Like before, I said I don’t even look at pants, and I move much quicker when I’m looking at skirts, but when it comes to shirts and dresses, I look at each one on the rack. I try not to take too long on each item. Just push through quickly so you can get and idea of size, color, fabric, name brand, or whatever you are looking for. This can take a while, don’t try to take on the whole store in 30 minutes. It will stress you out. I basically pick up everything that I kind of like, throw it in a buggy, and sort through it later.

Take a friend. I go with my sister. It makes sorting through each item go quicker. We just pick up cute things in each others sizes and try them on at the end. We do make a mess, but we always make sure things get back on the hangers and back on a rack to be returned to the floor. Just because it’s a thrift store doesn’t mean you should trash it.

Go prepared. There is one store that always gives me a headache so I make sure I take a drink with me and some ibuprofen. There are some stores without dressing rooms so I like to wear leggings and a fitted tops so I can try on clothes over what I’m wearing.

Give yourself a budget and only buy things you truly want or can use. This keeps me from buying too much stuff. I have a bad habit of saying this is only 50 cent I will use it for something and then I have so many “supplies” that I don’t know what to do with myself.

Go on sale days. Yes, thrift stores have sale days! My favorite is half off day. I think tons of thrift stores have these types of days. So, yes, it will be mass chaos on these days, but I think it’s totally worth it.

My last kind of tip for the day is don’t be afraid to buy out of season. People tend to clean out their closet after a season, so things go to the thrift store at odd times, but you can getter better deals. Over the past month I have found the cutest sweaters. They are priced a little bit cheaper since it is a billion degrees outside, but I love them and I know I will wear them in the fall.

Check out a few of my most recent sweater goodies, and don’t be too jealous.


Clockwise from top left corner:

1. I don’t know much about this one because the tag is cut out. It is gray with the cutest beaded peter pan collar on it. I paid $1.25

2. Merona sweater, wich is a Target name brand. It’s tan with cool coppery studs. I believe I paid $2

3. BDG sweater. I know nothing about this name brand, but this sweater is amazing. It’s tan and blue with the best sleeve detail ever. I paid $1.75

4. Elle sweater dress. It has a liner underneath too. I can wait to add a belt and boots in the fall. I paid $1.75

All of these are like new and in really amazing condition. My fall wardrobe is looking pretty good and summer has only just begun. If you are patient and willing to buy out of season you will be one lucky duck.



Prom Hair Stuff


There is something so exciting about this time of year. I’m not talking about the spring time…I’m talking about prom season. I love the sparkle, the glamor, the excitement, the nails, the hair, the rhinestones, the pictures!!! Maybe this sounds super lame because I’m 27 years old and should care less about prom, but I teach a lot of kids that go to prom and I work at a store that sells prom dresses. I just spent some lovely time with my sister “Facebook stalking” prom pictures. We analyzed who’s dresses were pretty vs. ugly. We conversed about who’s dresses fit properly and who’s needed to be hemmed. Basically we were like the horrible television shows that give recaps of fashion the day after a red carpet event. It sounds so ridiculous but is so much fun. We take a great amount of pride in knowing how to help a girl look good in a dress.

This post isn’t just all about how much I love prom. I actually did make something. I made a prom headpiece. I was given scraps from the altered dress and this is what I made.


I used a metal comb from the craft store as a base. I took a strip of the 2 pieces of fabric and made them fan across the top of the comb and I sewed them into place. I used a strip of fabric to seal down the edges with hot glue. I then hot glued what was a vintage clip-on earring to the side to had some bling. I then use E6000 glue to add a few more rhinestones.

paiges hair

Here is her lovely hair with a glamorous, almost vintage-y, feel. Not only did her hair look great, but she was stunning also. I hope all girls (and guys) enjoyed their prom season!

Baby Legs


Part of me really wants to swear that I’m not a total slacker, but deep down inside I know that’s exactly what I have been the past few days. I did have a few days off and I did absolutely nothing productive (almost).

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day, so I could say that I spent tons of time with my mom and step mom and that I just didn’t have anytime to do any work. Well, I did spent time with both of those lovely women, but not so much that I couldn’t get anything done. I actually spent most of the day with my sister and tater tot. We wondered around a few antique malls and had ice cream. It was lovely and inspiring, and I thought it would give me a little kick in the rear to get some more work done, but I was lazy on Monday too. On Monday I enjoyed a pool day. It was about 90 degrees outside so a pool day was a necessity, obviously, but still basically no work was done. Then today, there was very minimal crafting and maximum napping.

I did do one little project though, so I thought I would share it. Unfortunately it wasn’t even my idea. On Pinterest I saw this cute post about how to make baby leg warmers out of socks. I had some socks at my house. They were super funky socks that I had intended to make sock monkeys out of, but never got around to it.


Here are the socks. I basically followed the directions and made some cute little leg warmers. They were really pretty easy to make. I would suggest sewing with a little bit of a zig zag stitch so the seam doesn’t bust when you stretch the sock to put the leg warmers on.


Here is the finished product. I hope tater tot likes them. She might not have any clothes to match, but who cares. Her mom probably does care. She is so close to crawling, it’s ridiculous. She might like a little padding on her legs. I hope they fit. From what I hear, little crawlers love leg warmers. If tater tot doesn’t love them, I’m sure I can find another punkin to give them to.

Brandi’s Dress


Someone kind of sort of got on to me for not having a new project up, so I made sure I finished one. I work with a  lady named Brandi and she ordered a dress online. It was super stinking cute, but totally see through. It was from a little boutique-y type shop. From what I have noticed recently, a lot of these types of stores have clothing that isn’t made very well and is kind of see through. It’s not meant to be warn and washed a bazillion times. Just a few times, for a few good times, and a few good pictures. Well, she wasn’t sure what to do with it, so she gave it to me thinking I could do something with it.


Here is the dress. I told you it was cute, but I may have forgotten to mention that Brandi is smaller than me. I really wanted it to be a dress, but it just wasn’t going to fit around my big booty.


Lucky for me, this dress was made with a seam right up the back. I split the seam and then turned the edges under and sewed down both sides.


These doilies were once Christmas tree ornaments that looked like wreaths. I removed the ribbon from them, washed them, and sewed them together so they formed a straight line. Then I hand stitched them down the back of the shirt.

After my doilies were in place I cut the bottom of the dress off to make a shirt. I still wanted it even wider so I used the fabric from the bottom of the dress and made a panel on both sides of the shirt that went all the way to the sleeves. I hemmed the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves.


Here you can see the back of the shirt. You can still see through the fabric and you can definitely see through the doilies, so I choose to wear a cami underneath.


There was one extra doily. It had a stain on it, and was coming apart in one place. I used it for a detail on the pocket to tie the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt together.

Brandi's dress:shirt

I’ve never had one of these short wide funky tops that you wear a cami under (or show your tummy, but I’m not doing that). I think I kind of like it. I think it will be very comfy for summer time.

brandi's dress:dancing

…Plus I think it makes for a great dancing top!


I thought Petoddy wanted in on the photo action too, but apparently she just wanted to make out.