Prom Hair Stuff


There is something so exciting about this time of year. I’m not talking about the spring time…I’m talking about prom season. I love the sparkle, the glamor, the excitement, the nails, the hair, the rhinestones, the pictures!!! Maybe this sounds super lame because I’m 27 years old and should care less about prom, but I teach a lot of kids that go to prom and I work at a store that sells prom dresses. I just spent some lovely time with my sister “Facebook stalking” prom pictures. We analyzed who’s dresses were pretty vs. ugly. We conversed about who’s dresses fit properly and who’s needed to be hemmed. Basically we were like the horrible television shows that give recaps of fashion the day after a red carpet event. It sounds so ridiculous but is so much fun. We take a great amount of pride in knowing how to help a girl look good in a dress.

This post isn’t just all about how much I love prom. I actually did make something. I made a prom headpiece. I was given scraps from the altered dress and this is what I made.


I used a metal comb from the craft store as a base. I took a strip of the 2 pieces of fabric and made them fan across the top of the comb and I sewed them into place. I used a strip of fabric to seal down the edges with hot glue. I then hot glued what was a vintage clip-on earring to the side to had some bling. I then use E6000 glue to add a few more rhinestones.

paiges hair

Here is her lovely hair with a glamorous, almost vintage-y, feel. Not only did her hair look great, but she was stunning also. I hope all girls (and guys) enjoyed their prom season!


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