Happy 4th with Swimsuits and Stuff


original swimsuit

I ordered this swimsuit from dealfind for $15 and with shipping it was about $25 total. I love the high waisted because I’m a little chunky, but of course I loved the vintage feel. I thought it would be cute for summer, but especially for Independence Day. Well it wasn’t quite right when it came in. Of course it didn’t look like the picture because my body is nothing like hers. I’m not crazy enough to think that it would look like that on me. It didn’t come up as high on my body and the waist band had a tiny piece of elastic at the top that squeezed the ever living daylights out of my tummy. Yuck… I don’t need an extra roll. The buttons were so far to the sides that they were almost on my hips, the removable straps were kind of crappy, and it was black not navy. Basically you get what you pay for. A cheap bathing suit was exactly that, but lucky for me I can fix some of this stuff.



I cut off the top striped part of the waist band and created a new waist band out of red lycra. I used the matte side out so it would blend better with the existing fabric on the bathing suit. It was about 3.5 inches wide and I sewed it to the bottoms with a zig-zag stitch for stretch. I then moved the buttons about and inch and a half closer together. I also used the red lycra to make straps for the top. I placed them farther to the sides than I usually would, but I liked the look. I then added a bow to the center top.

I definitely ended up with the vintage-y feel that I was going for. It did feel a little like a dance costume though. I guess I could add rhinestones and a hat. Then I could do a dance to “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy.” Maybe I’ll save that routine for another day. I ended up wearing it with a red bandana tied in my hair and red sparkly earrings. At the pool I said I didn’t have to go under since I had a hair accessory and earrings. I don’t usually mind swimming, but a certain host likes to snap pictures at their 4th party so I tried to not look too much like a wet rat while I was there.


Of course I needed a selfie to document the day. What would the internet be without selfies?…Probably not too much of anything. JK. It would probably be way better, but oh well.


Here is another picture from my fabulous 4th of July. It’s my dad and my sweet tater-tot of a niece at the fair. We went to see fireworks. It was a wonderful night!

Moral of the story: My holiday was wonderful and I hope yours was too. Also, chunky girls can wear 2 pieces too. Sleep well tonight everyone!



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