Baby Gifts


One of my best friends from college is having a baby. I’m so stinking excited for her and her husband. I started collecting baby gifts basically as soon as I found out. I love giving baby gifts. They are always just so adorable. She is also a sewer, and dancer, and basically really creative. They are a pretty eclectic couple so I wanted to make sure they got something unique and creative.

The first thing I made them was burp cloths. My sister made a ton of these when she was pregnant and now that her baby is 10 months old she is still using them. They are actually something that is practical, but also super cute.


Here are the ones I made. I won’t tell you how to make them because there are a bazillion other tutorials very similar to these online. You can click here for a tutorial on how to make these. They are easy, adorable, and practical so they make a great gift. Plus they are kind of fun to make.

I also made a funky sock monkey. Who doesn’t love a good sock monkey? I think monkeys make a great gift for boys and girls from baby to big kid.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI like to use a tall sock so the arms and legs are really long. Click here for a sock monkey tutorial. In my true style I don’t always totally follow the directions. I don’t put anything in the tail. I leave it floppy and tie a knot in the end.


Here is a close up of his cute little face. I always find good funky socks at Target. Just make sure you pick a pattern that can go upside down because the main sock is upside down.

My friends came for lunch last week and I had such a great time with them. We walked to a small Mexican restaurant and had a yummy lunch. I gave them all the presents I had been hoarding. I think they liked them. I hope you like them too, and get some good ideas for baby gifts.


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