Birthday Bubble


It was a year ago today that the most precious wonderful miracle would entered into our family. She’s probably the best thing that has ever happened to us. We waited at the hospital all day and half the night until we heard the news. Alex, my sister, had finally popped her baby out. Well…I don’t think it popped out quite that easily. She did decide to make a turn half way out, but those are minor details. Never the less, the baby had arrived and it was a perfectly healthy little girl. I think we were all in love before we even saw her.

Over the year we have seen her grow and change and grow and change and….She has a sassy little defiant personality that is pretty adorable, but might be a pain when she’s 10-18, but most girls are anyways. Right? She has been a wonderful baby. She is very sweet and loving. She has always slept amazing. She hardly ever cries. She will be the class clown one day. She doesn’t like to be told no. And I’m pretty sure she eats more food than I do.

With a year of life comes a birthday bash. Now I still can’t wrap my head around this concept of a gigantic first birthday party. The baby will not remember it, but WOW! People go all out. You shouldn’t expect anything less than over the top when it comes to my sister. She invited 75 people. I wasn’t even sure if I actually even knew 75 people. The party was last weekend. It was beautiful, successful, fun, and creative. Blow up water pools everywhere, sprinklers, a slip-n-slide, photo booth, treasure hunt, arts and crafts, and a food table that was Pinterest worthy. We took plenty of photos and videos so that tater-tot would see it one day because we know her sweet little brain can’t remember stuff liked that quite yet.

In all of my sister’s crazy over the top-ness she requested a birthday bubble. Bubbles are those cute little ruffle-y summer outfits/rompers for little girls. I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was one of the most difficult and time consuming things I’ve ever made, but she was so stinking cute in it. We went to pick out fabric and looked at a million pictures online to kind of get an idea of what she wanted. This is what we came up with…


The Front.


The Back.


Anchor buttons.


They make this cool ribbon with snaps on it, so you don’t have to be able to put them directly onto the fabric. This stuff proved to be amazing for me.

charley bubble

Here she is in her outfit playing with the toys she opened. The cell phone was a favorite.

charley birthday bike

This is Tater-tot on my birthday present to her. A Radio Flyer Adjustable seat bike. I know she can’t ride it yet, and it might be a while before she can, but it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, besides her of course. Also, I found it at a thrift store for $5 and couldn’t resist such a great deal. She got a matching blue helmet too. (Thanks for the pictures Gran. I stole them)

I have no kind of tutorial or advice for making something like this. Actually, my advice is: just purchase a cute outfit in the store. I should have gotten a pattern or something to help guide me, but I’m stubborn. It turned out great and I’m proud of it, but it might be about a million years before I make anything else like this. I now know why these bubbles are so expensive at the store.

Happy Birthday Today my little Tater-Tot!

Aunt Sammie loves you soooooooo….. much! I think you are perfect, wonderful, and special. I can’t wait to see you grow another year!


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