Unfinished Projects


I’m not sure this is a good way to explain it, but I’m usually better with movement and sounds than words. I feel like I’m floating along on a river, not in a dangerous way, but in a swift way. There are lots of banks and little islands, but I have no way to get totally on them so I just keep floating along. The river is life and the land is all of the projects I’m working on. I feel like I have a million things going on, but I haven’t been able to pin myself down to one island and conquer it. There is a list on my refrigerator of all the projects I’m working on. I actually am working on list, just not marking anything off. And lets get real…It feels good to mark something off  a to-do list.

So basically I’m feeling kind of frazzled because I have about 500 projects going on without any reward of actually finishing any. And I hate that I don’t have some super cool new thing to post on my blog for you to read about, but hopefully there will be something soon. (I am planning on finishing something today, but I can’t post it quite yet because it’s a present.)

So today I will leave you with a picture so you can see that I actually have been working. Stay safe with those safety goggles. You never know what I might be doing with power tools.





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