Hello Lovely Fall


It’s officially fall! I could feel the chill in my bones the past 2 days. We’ll just pretend that it’s not going to get warm again this weekend. Fall is my favorite season by far. And no it’s not because of all the pumpkin spice crap. I don’t even like that stuff. It’s because fall has the best clothing ever!

It is just about the right time to dig out all my boots. Combat boots, and cowboy boots, and my brand new moccasin boots! And then there are tights in all colors. And funky leggings! I can pull out sweaters and scarves too. I also have 2 pretty awesome faux leather jackets. One mauve pink and one dark purple. It’s not quite time for them, but maybe by the end of October. Perhaps I’m a crazy person…actually I’m pretty positive I’m crazy, but I cannot help but love layers of clothes and how it’s acceptable to wear them in the fall. I just want to get all cozy and cuddly in my warm clothes.

I don’t however want to be the person who throws on a parka when it hits 60 degrees, but my goodness it was so hard not to put on all my favorites new and old. I tried to not go overboard.

fall collageMaybe I did have on a little more clothing than necessary today. I think I did alright, but tomorrow it will be difficult to not put on a big cozy sweater dress with my favorite mustard yellow tights. I hope I have enough will power to not be the crazily out of season dressed lady.


Oh and guess what? I have new hair color. A few people have told me the color looked just like fall. Perfect!


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