A friend told me that they could make a better friendship bracelet than me. So my mature, responsible, totally grown up 27 year old self felt the need to prove myself. Challenge accepted! And I think I’m still pretty awesome at friendship bracelets. You can’t work at summer camp and not learn how.

But this post isn’t really about a friendship bracelet. This project was a little time consuming and it gave me some time to really sit and think. I spent this time reflecting on the past few weeks and on a few events that I still can’t quite believe had happened to me, or really to anyone. I’m totally shocked about how rude (and crazy) people are.

The first thing happened while I was at work. There is a regular customer at the store I work at. He’s a little odd, but I never worried too much about him. One day he kind of rubbed my shoulders. Not necessarily a mean gesture, but one that wasn’t invited and not really welcome. I didn’t say anything, but stepped away quickly and tried to keep my distance from then on. After I dyed my hair the same man decided pat my head and tell me that my new hair do was turning him on. Yuck! Gross! Holy cow! What would ever make you think it was okay to tell that to someone you basically don’t know? Anyways, I felt pretty uncomfortable. I haven’t seen him since, but I will stay behind the counter next time he comes into the store. This is rude behavior!

Another incident happened at the store. A lady said, “Your belly is starting to grow, how’s the baby?” Well, I’m not pregnant so you could imagine how that would feel. In case you can’t imagine, it feels like complete and total crap! I told her that I wasn’t expecting, and instead of apologizing (like you would think would happen at this point) she told me that I was just gaining weight like her. Thanks lady. It was actually quite horrible. I have gained a little weight and have been working pretty hard trying to get back into a routine to get off these extra pounds. I had dropped a few pounds when this happened. How rude can you get? This is actually not the first time someone thought I was pregnant. I’m by no means a small girl, but the first time it happened I could look in the mirror and see how the dress I was wearing might have made someone think that, but do you ever just assume and ask people about it? This second time I kept looking in the mirror. I had on a baggy shirt, but I didn’t think I looked pregnant. Maybe a little chubby, but not pregnant. As a matter of fact I was wearing the same jeans and shirt that I made in this blog post.

The last few events that I will talk about all happened on a recent beach trip. At the pool area there never seemed to be any parents with kids. As we would try to relax in the lazy river, kids would jump in, push you out of there way, make waves, and one kid even knocked the sunglasses I was wearing off my face. Why were so many kids from so many different families acting rude and obnoxious? I know kids will be kids, but good gravy it was a little out of control. Also on this trip, at a breakfast buffet, a kid looked me straight in the face and then got right in front of me. I guess I’m just invisible to children.

These things were rude and crappy, but there was another event that was really rude and quite creepy. I was at the hotel bar with the guy I was with. There was live music/comedy and everyone was was dancing, singing along, and just having a good fun time. There was a family in the corner. Not too long after we got there the mom and teenage daughter left and the dad stayed. He kept staring at me, but I figured he might have just thought I was dancing silly and sounded horrible singing along to the music. I went to the restroom 3 times. All 3 times he felt the need to meet me in the hallway. The first time I didn’t think anything of it. I said hey back to him and I went back into the bar. The second time I realized that he was trying to talk to me, but I brushed him off pretty quickly. The third time I had to wait in a line for the bathroom. He approached me, told me how attractive I was, and how he was really trying to behave, but I was turing him on. I was in shock. First of all I’ve never experience anyoneasking me for a rendezvous, but wtf???? He was with his family and I was obviously there with a guy. I told him no and that I hoped he had a wonderful evening. At the time I really didn’t know what to say, but I wish my smart ass would have kicked in. I wish I would have told him to go back to his hotel room with his wife, where he should have been. I mean this was pretty creepy and kind of sketchy, but it was actually quite rude!

As I was making that friendship bracelet and reflecting on the past month I basically discovered that I have no idea what is wrong with people to make them act so rude. I don’t understand why anyone feels they have the right to treat me how I’ve been treated in these incidents, or why they would treat anyone else like that either. I’m not sure what is wrong. I’m not sure where, as a society, we dropped the ball, but we need to pick it back up. I don’t have a grand solution or plan. I know I’m not perfect, and I know I’ve been rude before. I’m sure I will be rude in the future too. I think all I can really do is strive to change myself and hopefully it will rub off on someone. I also hope I can figure out how to close this door that let all the crazy in.

Let’s just all stop being so rude to one another!



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