Granny Kimono


I saw this awesome DIY vest on Pinterest. It is so stinking cute and I want it! The only problem is that I’m too short for it. The tassels will hang almost to my ankles. I know long and baggy is trendy, but I don’t think excessively long is very popular. Also, I couldn’t really figure out how I would have finished the arm holes to make it look good.

So, I didn’t make this vest, but it was totally the inspiration for my latest project. I’ve seen girls wear these little kimono jackets around lately. I’ve thought they were kind of cute, but not cute enough to spend my money on. I figured out a way to make a vest/kimono like jacket thingy out of a scarf. I will apologize in advance for crummy pictures. I couldn’t find my camera so I used my computer. Here goes the up-cycle…

Photo on 10-12-14 at 9.19 AM

Here is the before picture. I chose this scarf because it’s been with me a few years. I’m kind of tired of it, and it’s a little bit dressy so I thought it could be a cute jacket thingy.


I stretched the scarf out flat on the floor. They like to move when you try to cut them so be careful. I cut off both ends and cut 2 arm holes. I used a shirt of mine to kind of figure out where to put the holes for the sleeves. I cut ovals instead of circles because I thought it would make it hang better. The holes needed to be the same size as the sleeve, so they can be attached easily. I cut the circumference of the hole to be the same as the width of the scarf.

Since this fabric will fray and ravel quickly, I zig–zag stitched over all the cut edges. On the ends I rolled the hem 2 times and sewed a straight stitch. For the sleeves I used the ends of the scarves. I folded them in half and sewed the opening together to make 2 tubes (or sleeves). I then lined up the opening of these tubes with the holes I cut and sewed the sleeve to the jacket.

Photo on 10-12-14 at 11.33 AMHere is my jacket.

Photo on 10-12-14 at 11.32 AM

Front view with a not so goofy pose.

Photo on 10-12-14 at 11.32 AM #3

Back view. You know the combat boots set it off.

If I were to do this project again, which I probably will, I would change a few things. I would actually cut circles for the arm holes instead of ovals. At first I thought the oval would make the sleeve hang better, but I think I was wrong. Also I would cut my arm holes closer together. I used a fitted t-shirt for measurements, but I think it needs to be cut more like a vest and the sleeve should start farther into my back. I would make the sleeves shorter. Last thing I would do is lower my arm holes so there is more draping material around the neck. That part is just for aesthetics.

I thought it was cute, but when my sister arrived at work today she told me it looked like something a grandma would wear. So be it if I look like a granny. I don’t care. Granny’s don’t wear combat boots with their kimonos!


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