Oh Deer!


It’s that crazy time of year. You know….the Holiday season. I make a personal effort to stress myself out un-necessarily as much as possible. I’m pretty good at it by now. I like to make gifts, but some of these ideas don’t pop into my crazy head until last minute. It’s not my fault my brain feels the need to procrastinate ideas. I can’t control that part.

Along with all the Holiday stress (that I mostly make up myself) I had to deal with renewing my health insurance today. I won’t give you the whole story, but I will let you know the Heath Insurance Marketplace is basically a joke. Every time I’ve called over the past year now they say I’ve never filled out an application, but I signed up for insurance through them, pay for it every month, and am able to use it at the doctor…so I’m not sure how I don’t have an application any where in the system. It can never be found in the system, but I can’t log in online either because apparently my login and password are invalid.

Basically what I am saying is that I was frustrated and needed to do something for myself. Just a little quick project that’s been ready to go for about a month.


I got this t-shirt from my work. It’s a little girls t-shirt and I know no one in that particular size. It was too adorable not to buy. I had no one to give it to so I had to make something out of it.

I began by cutting the front and the back off. I used a lightweight iron on interfacing so the t-shirt wouldn’t stretch while I was trying to work with it.


I then cut the front and the back of the shirt into two matching rectangles.


I faced the two pieces together, pinned down the edges, and sewed almost all the way around. I left a hole at the bottom, so I could flip the form inside out.


I then stuffed the pillow with poly-fil and sewed it shut. I personally like to use the poly-fil they have at Hancock Fabric. The stuffing from Hobby Lobby feels gross and is lumpy. (I love Hobby Lobby for other stuff though!)


Here is my new little cute deer hanging out with my other pillows and blankets.


Look closely and you will realize that all of the pillows are up-cycled. The other two are made of wash cloths and hand towels. These are great because they are easy to clean, and I know the t-shirt one will be too.

My sister always says that if you are stressed out about big stuff, take a break and do an easy project that you know you can accomplish quickly. This will make you feel a little better because you have completed something and it will be one less thing on your list. That’s what this project was for me today. I had tons of other stuff to do, but I began this as I was on hold with the Healthcare Marketplace. It was easy and didn’t take a lot of focus or time, but I’m in love with her! I think she needs a name. The elephant in my bathroom is Theodor. What should the deer in my living room be named?

BTW…I still don’t have health insurance for 2015 yet, but I have 6  more days to figure it out. And I know all of the Christmas presents will get finished even if I stay up all night Christmas Eve. I will have to sleep a little bit though because I know Santa won’t come while I’m awake.