Scrappy Alphabet


I love a good educational toy as much as the next nerd. And I especially love educational toys for my sweet niece, who is obviously a genius. Certainly I’m not biased at all.

all nieces

I wanted to give her an alphabet for Christmas that she could really play with. I saw some on Etsy that were painted on rocks that were really cute, but she likes to throw things so rocks probably aren’t a great idea.   I also saw some alphabets that were made of fabric. They looked super cute and fun to play with. I didn’t see any tutorials, so I got to work and made up my own way.


I pulled out all my old scrap fabric. I cut 2 rectangles from each fabric for the front and back. I didn’t repeat any of the fabrics. (You know you have too many scraps when you can make all 26 letters different.) I drew each letter onto the scraps. They are about 7.5 inches tall and the width of the letters was about 1.5 inches. I put a piece of quilt batting in-between the two pieces of fabric and pinned them together. I used a straight stitch to sew over where I had drawn on the fabric. I then cut the excess off pretty close to the seam. I sewed a zig-zag stitch over the edge of the letters and went around 2 times so the edges were nice and sealed in. I want them to stay together when they are being played with.


Here are the first few letters. They are soft and bendy and perfect for a baby/toddler to play with. I’m sure they will be great for learning letters, sounds, colors, and patterns.


Here is the finished scrappy alphabet. I also made a drawstring bag to keep them in, but I guess I didn’t take any pictures of it. It is a plain brownish wheat color with a hot pink ribbon closure.

My original goal was to make a few extra letters so she can spell some basic words like mom and dad. I was down to the wire on this project for Christmas so I didn’t get that part complete, but maybe one day I will get around to it. I think she could stand to wait a little longer for that.

letters5 letters4 letters6 letters7

Here we are after Tater-tot opened her gift. (Notice she is also wearing the dance leotard I gave her.) She loves them, but her favorite things to do with them are to throw them and wear the “O” like a bracelet. I’m glad they ended up great for playing like I had wanted them to. I’m also glad I stitched over the edges a few times because she plays hard.

letters combine

We pulled out the letters another night to play with them. She still loves throwing them onto her head. She screamed for joy as we looked at each one and threw it. I think she is the sweetest, smartest baby I’ve ever met. She is over a year and a half now, so she’s not such a little baby anymore. My Tater-tot is growing up. I just want to squeeze her all the time!


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