Cotton Candy Farts


There once was a little girl that wanted a pet, but her mom said, “No.” But she really really wanted one and she asked, “Can I please have a pet pink skunk?” Her mom decided that she could make that happen…That is where I come in.

This little nugget asked me if I could please make her a pet pink skunk, and I thought this could be interesting. I told her yes. I wasn’t sure how accurate of a skunk it would be, but I knew I could make something cute and pink and call it a skunk. She then let me know that it needed to smell good when it lifted up it’s tail. What?!?!? She is a nut!

Her mom picked up a few pink furry fabrics from the craft store and I got to work. I looked a lots of pictures of real skunks and stuffed animal skunks. They are actually pretty stinking cute animal. I don’t think I would want one for a pet though.


I kind of sketched out what I thought the pieces should look like and then I made a pattern out of newspaper.


I cut out the pieces of pink fur. It made a huge mess and I’m pretty sure the fur will never totally be gone from my apartment.


I sewed all the pieces together, stuffed it, and created a pocket under the tail for the “smell good” stuff. That smelly stuff is cotton candy body spray from Walmart. It is actually quite gross, and after the age of 12 the cotton candy smell might make you puke, but to a little girl it was like magic. I’m not good enough to make it actually spray when you lift the tail, but she can just push the pump and spray whoever she wants…as long as it isn’t me.


Here is the little booger in all his pink glory. It looks more like a bear/honey badger than a skunk, but I did the best I could.


Do skunks have claws? This one does. Pink claws…


 …and rhinestone eyes. You know only a dance teacher’s daughter would really appreciate a pet pink skunk with rhinestone eyes.


He, well maybe it’s a she. I don’t know. But the pet pink skunk was named the very creative name, “Skunky.” The skunk and the kid are living happily ever after with her 5,000 other stuffed animals and the house smells of a lovely cotton candy scent.


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