Baby Legs


Part of me really wants to swear that I’m not a total slacker, but deep down inside I know that’s exactly what I have been the past few days. I did have a few days off and I did absolutely nothing productive (almost).

Sunday was of course Mother’s Day, so I could say that I spent tons of time with my mom and step mom and that I just didn’t have anytime to do any work. Well, I did spent time with both of those lovely women, but not so much that I couldn’t get anything done. I actually spent most of the day with my sister and tater tot. We wondered around a few antique malls and had ice cream. It was lovely and inspiring, and I thought it would give me a little kick in the rear to get some more work done, but I was lazy on Monday too. On Monday I enjoyed a pool day. It was about 90 degrees outside so a pool day was a necessity, obviously, but still basically no work was done. Then today, there was very minimal crafting and maximum napping.

I did do one little project though, so I thought I would share it. Unfortunately it wasn’t even my idea. On Pinterest I saw this cute post about how to make baby leg warmers out of socks. I had some socks at my house. They were super funky socks that I had intended to make sock monkeys out of, but never got around to it.


Here are the socks. I basically followed the directions and made some cute little leg warmers. They were really pretty easy to make. I would suggest sewing with a little bit of a zig zag stitch so the seam doesn’t bust when you stretch the sock to put the leg warmers on.


Here is the finished product. I hope tater tot likes them. She might not have any clothes to match, but who cares. Her mom probably does care. She is so close to crawling, it’s ridiculous. She might like a little padding on her legs. I hope they fit. From what I hear, little crawlers love leg warmers. If tater tot doesn’t love them, I’m sure I can find another punkin to give them to.