Brandi’s Dress


Someone kind of sort of got on to me for not having a new project up, so I made sure I finished one. I work with a  lady named Brandi and she ordered a dress online. It was super stinking cute, but totally see through. It was from a little boutique-y type shop. From what I have noticed recently, a lot of these types of stores have clothing that isn’t made very well and is kind of see through. It’s not meant to be warn and washed a bazillion times. Just a few times, for a few good times, and a few good pictures. Well, she wasn’t sure what to do with it, so she gave it to me thinking I could do something with it.


Here is the dress. I told you it was cute, but I may have forgotten to mention that Brandi is smaller than me. I really wanted it to be a dress, but it just wasn’t going to fit around my big booty.


Lucky for me, this dress was made with a seam right up the back. I split the seam and then turned the edges under and sewed down both sides.


These doilies were once Christmas tree ornaments that looked like wreaths. I removed the ribbon from them, washed them, and sewed them together so they formed a straight line. Then I hand stitched them down the back of the shirt.

After my doilies were in place I cut the bottom of the dress off to make a shirt. I still wanted it even wider so I used the fabric from the bottom of the dress and made a panel on both sides of the shirt that went all the way to the sleeves. I hemmed the bottom of the shirt and the sleeves.


Here you can see the back of the shirt. You can still see through the fabric and you can definitely see through the doilies, so I choose to wear a cami underneath.


There was one extra doily. It had a stain on it, and was coming apart in one place. I used it for a detail on the pocket to tie the front of the shirt and the back of the shirt together.

Brandi's dress:shirt

I’ve never had one of these short wide funky tops that you wear a cami under (or show your tummy, but I’m not doing that). I think I kind of like it. I think it will be very comfy for summer time.

brandi's dress:dancing

…Plus I think it makes for a great dancing top!


I thought Petoddy wanted in on the photo action too, but apparently she just wanted to make out.