Everyone Loves Thomas


Thomas the train is everyone’s favorite engine! Well, actually my niece really loves Percy. That surprises me because her favorite color is blue, and Thomas is blue. Either way, Thomas and Percy were coming to town.

My sister asked me if I would make something for my Tater-Tot and her friend to wear to see the trains. I had a lot of stuff going on and I said I will do it if it’s really, really simple. I wanted her to buy a Thomas t-shirt so we could “girl-y” it up by adding a skirt to the bottom and maybe some bows. A little time passed and there was now less than a week before they were headed to Thomas when I accidentally invited her to the fabric store. I really just wanted to hang out, but she still wanted dresses for the girls. I can’t believe I forgot about this little detail. While we were there she suckered me into making something from scratch. It’s so hard to say no to a little blonde headed blue eyed girl when she says, “Please make me a dress, Aunt Sammie?” How do I get myself into these rushed predicaments?

We needed a plan, now that I had gotten suckered into this. It needed to be a quick and easy plan because I had one week to make 2 dresses. Those weren’t the only special orders I had to finish that week. I wanted it to be Thomas inspired, but not look just like Thomas. We chose a blue and white striped fabric for the top so it would look similar to conductor overalls, a red polkadot for the bottom, navy for straps and ties, and yellow to match the #1 that Thomas wears. I had to get to work immediately!

The top is almost like an apron. It was basically just a square with 2 straps that tie around the neck. Under this panel was a row of navy that will be the sash around the waist. And then of course, my favorite, polka dots scrunched together with elastic in the back to form the bottom of the dress. A dress this shape could probably be warn in the middle of summer with nothing under it, but it was chilly and rainy on this particular Saturday, so they layered.

The last extra special detail was the “1” on the top of the dress. I used iron on appliqué stuff to make this. I used 2 pieces of yellow fabric and the iron on stuff to bind them together. I cut out the “1” and then stitch around the edges with red thread in a zig-zag pattern. This made a red outline, just like on Thomas. I strategically hand tacked the number onto the bib of the dress so that it could be removed at a later date. They might like these dresses to be more than just Thomas appropriate.

Since it was a chilly day, the girls wore their dresses with a peter pan collar shirt and navy leggings. I think they look adorable. What about you?

thomas 16

Beautiful girls with a front view of the dresses!

thomas 1

Those bows sure look cute in the back.

thomas 7 thomas 8

Riding Thomas!

thomas 5 thomas 4

I wish I could have been there for all this fun!

thomas 19

Why is Tater-Tot at the wheel? Let’s hope she doesn’t drive like her mommy.

thomas 15 thomas 11

These three amigos are going to be best friends for a long time!


Another Year


Today I turn 28. Where has the time gone? It feels like it was just last week that I was writing my last birthday post. You know I have to say something about another year wiser and growing and learning and all that kind of stuff blah, blah blah… Which I guess all of that stuff is true but I really am in a very similar place to last year. I haven’t moved or changed jobs or done anything crazy. I mean, a lot of stuff happens in a year, but looking back it doesn’t feel like that much is different.

A big part of my life is my dog. We celebrated our one year anniversary not too long ago. I am still so thankful that I brought her home. She is a big crazy mess of energy, and she really would like to catch a bunny one day, but I love her anyways. I wouldn’t trade her for the world.




Another big part of my life is my family. They’ve always been super important and always will be. It was actually really fun celebrating my birthday last Friday night with my dad, step-mom, mom, step-dad, sister, brother-in-law, and niece. My niece has stolen my heart. I love that little girl more than I could have ever imagined. She is so beautiful and special and perfect!



1-family 3


I’ve also realized this year that I’ve made some pretty cool friends along the way. I’m not always great at keeping up with people when we don’t live close by, but that doesn’t mean they haven’t made lasting impressions. I’ve had friends getting married and having babies and it’s been beautiful to see their lives grow and change. I have other friends that will always make sure I have a beer if I need one. And I even have one pretty awesome friend who took me flying in his airplane a few times. All these people are so wonderful and different and special to me.

1-friends replace


So here I am ready to take on the next year. Maybe the next 12 months will be more exciting than the past 12 months. I’m not denying that there were ups and downs, because they definitely existed. I don’t mind it not being too crazy of a year. Sometimes it’s nice to not feel too chaotic. Overall I am very blessed and have a great life (even if I do complain sometimes). I know I have a wonderful support system and I am very lucky for the opportunities I have been given. I know God is watching over me and will lead me through another great year, whatever it may bring!


I hope everyone has a great day….And Happy Earth Day too!