On Monday night on Dancing with the Stars, Whitney had the prettiest hair in her carousel dance with Chris, the bachelor. It looked like a crown made out of braided hair. They frequently have her in cute braids across her head.

hair whitney

I really wanted my hair to look like this too, but my hair isn’t really long enough and I’m not sure if I could go all the way around even if it was long enough. I thought I could create a similar look based on this and other hair tutorials I’ve seen in the past.


I started with a crazy mess of bed head. I’m sure not everyone is this tangly in the morning, but I just work with the birds nest.


I parted my hair so I could have a chunk to braid at the front. The part is not straight because it will get messed up in the end anyways. I pulled the rest back into a pony tail holder to hold it out of the way.


Then I french braided my hair as close to the front as I could. I only pulled hair from the back and not the front. This way it could come farther foward. Instead of pulling the hair over the braid I pull it under so the braid sits on top of the head. At the end of the braid I just used bobby pins to hold my hair instead of a rubber band because I was planning on pulling it apart and the rubber band might rip hair out.


I started pulling on both sides of the braid one little chunk at a time. You just keep going back and forth over the braid until you get it as big as you want.


If my hair was really long and thick I would probably make it really big…I love big hair! But this is about as big as I can get it without making the braid fall out. I also twist is a little bit as I’m going so it will almost stand up instead of laying flat to my head.


I then just pull all the leftover hair to the side. I fluff and twist it into a little bun thingy on the side (aka another birds nest to untangle later).


Here it is front the front.


Here it is from the back.


Everything is easier in the morning time with coffee! Another tip: If you plan on wearing makeup, do that part first because your hair will be in the way.

Have a great day!!!!!