Football Fashionista


Every once in a while artists and creators hear some great words that sound a little bit like, “Make whatever you want.” For real? I don’t have limits? Maybe a few limits, but I was granted creative liberty on this particular project, and I was so freaking excited! (If you couldn’t already tell.)

I love up-cycling and I love making children’s clothing. I think both can be super creative, fun, and don’t have lots of rules! Children’s clothing allows for much more cuteness and freeness than adult clothing. I was commissioned to make some pieces of clothing for a little nugget and here is the story…

There is an uncle who is a high school football coach and there is a niece that attends almost all football games. The uncle has lots of t-shirts representing the school so the mama asked me to make some cute stuff for the nugget to wear to the games out of the old t-shirts. Most specifically she wanted some warmish items (for chilly nights) and maybe some dresses (because that’s kind of my specialty).


Here are the starting supplies. Tons of shirts from her uncle and 2 jackets from her mama. I made 4 pieces and here they are.

1- For the first piece I used the most vintage looking t-shirt and the corduroy jacket. I felt I could play on the vintage feel with these 2 items.


Along with the vintage feel of the fabrics I tried to choose a classic shape. Fitted at the top and looks a little bit like a jumper and then more full at the bottom. I thought it was kind of classic/preppy/football seasonal looking.

Check out these cutie details – ruffles and elbow pads!!!! Makes me smile!

2- For this dress I used a shirt that was designed by her uncle, so I wanted to used the whole design of the shirt and include the last name on the back.


I’ve made lots of t-shirt dresses so I kind of kept my usual shape with this one. It was easy to pull from knowledge I already had, plus I was able to keep the full design of the shirt. It’s basically an A line dress with short sleeves and a ruffle bottom. I wanted at least one short sleeve item for her to wear while it’s still warm outside. You can always layer later.

I attached the sleeve almost like a baseball tee would have the sleeves attached. I was able to make the best use of my supplies by doing it this way. And the ruffles – a perfect addition to all little girl clothes.

3- This is where I went wild and totally didn’t follow the guidelines, but it’s my favorite of the 4 pieces and I’m glad I veered off track. When it’s chilly outside you have to cover up your cute clothes with a jacket, so why not make a jacket?


I mostly used one of the jackets for this project. I sized it down from adult to basically a 5T, created a stand up collar, used excess for a ruffle bottom, and lined the sleeves for a pop of orange as they roll up. For the back I used iron on interfacing to make a giant stiff patch that was then sewn into place. I made bows for the front and used the original buttons from the jacket.

I know I’ve already told you how cute ruffles are, but seriously??? I can’t even handle this. It really is one of my favorite up-cylce projects that I’ve ever made. I don’t want to be a cougar, but I would totally rock a jacket like this in my size! I’m very proud of this one. (Okay…I’m proud of all of them, but this one really is the best!)

4- This was the most simple of the pieces and it was created from the same t-shirt used in the jacket and then scraps from the navy dress.


It’s a simple, sweet, elastic waist pull on skirt. It’s soft comfy and will look great pulled up high on her waist or sitting more on her hips. It would look pretty with the jacket or just a plain t-shirt. Tights look adorable with skirts and so do suspenders.  It’s mainly just a little something that she can probably wear this year and next.

Hello football fashionista! This kid might be the best dressed cougar at the games. My mom made clothes for me and my sister growing up, but not too many kids get the opportunity to have someone make custom clothes for them. I always felt so special having my “own” clothes that no one else had so making kid’s custom pieces is so exciting. You get to allow a child to feel super special and unique! I heard she put them all on for a fashion show at the house and modeled like a champ! I know she will be knocking everyone’s socks off at the games!

I know you already know from my previous excitement that this was fun for me. Seriously it was a blast! One night at around 1 am I had to force myself to go to bed but I didn’t want to stop working. It’s been a while since I’ve really thrown myself into a project with that much gusto. Maybe this was just the change up I needed to get me re-excited about all my projects. It really has been a bit of a kick in the butt to get me going again. I’m thankful for a friend and her daughter who trusted me to “make whatever I wanted”. It’s always nice to have someone trust your judgement and it’s always nice to let loose and have fun with sewing. This project was definitely fun! There were some t-shirts left over, so maybe there is more of that in my future. ; )


Cutest Little Farmer


Like most small towns, mine too has a wonderful little holiday that seems a little silly from the outside, but super fun from the inside. It’s called Farmer’s Day. Vendors set up on Main Street to sell various handmade goods, to pass out water bottles, and to show off farm equipment. There is all kinds of junky fair food, but the kettle corn and homemade ice creme are my favorites. Bands and singers play all day on 2 stages. It’s basically just a fun little small town festival like thing and everyone in town comes because it’s tradition.

At one point during the day they have a “Cutest LIttle Farmer” Contest. And I’m sure you know that tater-tot had to be entered. And I’m sure you know that means I got put to work on the outfit. Alex, my sister, kind of picked out some things she liked, we adventured to the fabric store, then we adventured to some thrift stores, and then I got put to work.

I started with a pair of denim overhauls. I cut off the bottom and then began making a skirt. There were 3 layers. The top was a red bandana. I found the center of the bandana and cut a circle that was the size of the bottom of the overhauls. The second layer was cow print fabric. I cut a big circle and then a circle in the middle for the waist. At this point I layered to 2 together and sewed them to the overhauls. Then I made a tutu out of red tulle for underneath. It had about 6 layers of fluff attached under there. Then there were the details that include me making little tucks in the bandana at 4 places to draw in the top to little points and adding lots of white and black polka dot bows.

Farmer's Day Costume

It turned out to be one of those things that I can’t decide if it’s super tacky or super cute. I think maybe it’s both.


There were ruffle bloomers to go underneath. I don’t have a surger so I used a zig zag stitch on the edge to create the red border. I went over it twice. It looks a little crazy up close, but from far away you can’t really tell.

charley cowWell, tater-tot won. I think it might have had a little something to do with the fact that she sat on a rubber cow and bounced like she was riding it. I had to steal this picture because I was too busy laughing to take one of my own. I may be biased, but I do think she made an adorable little farmer. Now just because she was super cute and won doesn’t mean I will help my sister do anything to put her in real pageants. I’m not saying they are bad, I’m just saying I’m not a huge fan and don’t want to be sucked in to making lots of outfits that aren’t of my choosing.


Here I am with the little farmer. She deserved a cookie because riding a cow is hard work.

Fish Skirts > Fish Sticks


Something has gotten into me the past couple of days. I’m not sure if it’s because I’ve been a slacker at sewing and miss it, or if I’m tired of seeing piles of unfinished projects laying around, or if I’m ready for summer and summer clothes, but I have been a sewing machine (haha) for the last 2 days.


I don’t even like fish. I think the smell bad and taste bad, but this shirt was too cute to pass up. It’s a men’s XXL and covered with a very cute fish pattern. Nautical is always a good route to go for summer and I was thinking this future fishy skirt would fit right in.


Here are the fish. I think they are too cute and perfect for summer!


I removed the pocket with a seam ripper and cut the top of the shirt off right under the arms. I then took in the sides of the skirt. I went straight down and made sure I had plenty booty room.

I made a waist band next. I pieces together leftover fabric from the top to made a casing for elastic and sewed it to the top of the skirt. I then fed the elastic through and sewed the opening shut.


Here is the finished skirt. It just slides right on. This was a super easy project. I might have to make more than one. I think it would maybe be cute with a contrasting waist band or with pockets. I might have to play around some more with other shirts to see what I can come up with. I think it will be lightweight and breezy for a hot summer. Now I just need to find a lake/beach to hang out at.

If you decide to do something like this make sure you look at the bottom of the shirt. Most men’s shirts are not straight across at the bottom. You need to make sure you have enough room to hem it or let it have a curved bottom.

fish skirt

It’s only April and I’m totally ready for July 4th!