Football Fashionista


Every once in a while artists and creators hear some great words that sound a little bit like, “Make whatever you want.” For real? I don’t have limits? Maybe a few limits, but I was granted creative liberty on this particular project, and I was so freaking excited! (If you couldn’t already tell.)

I love up-cycling and I love making children’s clothing. I think both can be super creative, fun, and don’t have lots of rules! Children’s clothing allows for much more cuteness and freeness than adult clothing. I was commissioned to make some pieces of clothing for a little nugget and here is the story…

There is an uncle who is a high school football coach and there is a niece that attends almost all football games. The uncle has lots of t-shirts representing the school so the mama asked me to make some cute stuff for the nugget to wear to the games out of the old t-shirts. Most specifically she wanted some warmish items (for chilly nights) and maybe some dresses (because that’s kind of my specialty).


Here are the starting supplies. Tons of shirts from her uncle and 2 jackets from her mama. I made 4 pieces and here they are.

1- For the first piece I used the most vintage looking t-shirt and the corduroy jacket. I felt I could play on the vintage feel with these 2 items.


Along with the vintage feel of the fabrics I tried to choose a classic shape. Fitted at the top and looks a little bit like a jumper and then more full at the bottom. I thought it was kind of classic/preppy/football seasonal looking.

Check out these cutie details – ruffles and elbow pads!!!! Makes me smile!

2- For this dress I used a shirt that was designed by her uncle, so I wanted to used the whole design of the shirt and include the last name on the back.


I’ve made lots of t-shirt dresses so I kind of kept my usual shape with this one. It was easy to pull from knowledge I already had, plus I was able to keep the full design of the shirt. It’s basically an A line dress with short sleeves and a ruffle bottom. I wanted at least one short sleeve item for her to wear while it’s still warm outside. You can always layer later.

I attached the sleeve almost like a baseball tee would have the sleeves attached. I was able to make the best use of my supplies by doing it this way. And the ruffles – a perfect addition to all little girl clothes.

3- This is where I went wild and totally didn’t follow the guidelines, but it’s my favorite of the 4 pieces and I’m glad I veered off track. When it’s chilly outside you have to cover up your cute clothes with a jacket, so why not make a jacket?


I mostly used one of the jackets for this project. I sized it down from adult to basically a 5T, created a stand up collar, used excess for a ruffle bottom, and lined the sleeves for a pop of orange as they roll up. For the back I used iron on interfacing to make a giant stiff patch that was then sewn into place. I made bows for the front and used the original buttons from the jacket.

I know I’ve already told you how cute ruffles are, but seriously??? I can’t even handle this. It really is one of my favorite up-cylce projects that I’ve ever made. I don’t want to be a cougar, but I would totally rock a jacket like this in my size! I’m very proud of this one. (Okay…I’m proud of all of them, but this one really is the best!)

4- This was the most simple of the pieces and it was created from the same t-shirt used in the jacket and then scraps from the navy dress.


It’s a simple, sweet, elastic waist pull on skirt. It’s soft comfy and will look great pulled up high on her waist or sitting more on her hips. It would look pretty with the jacket or just a plain t-shirt. Tights look adorable with skirts and so do suspenders.  It’s mainly just a little something that she can probably wear this year and next.

Hello football fashionista! This kid might be the best dressed cougar at the games. My mom made clothes for me and my sister growing up, but not too many kids get the opportunity to have someone make custom clothes for them. I always felt so special having my “own” clothes that no one else had so making kid’s custom pieces is so exciting. You get to allow a child to feel super special and unique! I heard she put them all on for a fashion show at the house and modeled like a champ! I know she will be knocking everyone’s socks off at the games!

I know you already know from my previous excitement that this was fun for me. Seriously it was a blast! One night at around 1 am I had to force myself to go to bed but I didn’t want to stop working. It’s been a while since I’ve really thrown myself into a project with that much gusto. Maybe this was just the change up I needed to get me re-excited about all my projects. It really has been a bit of a kick in the butt to get me going again. I’m thankful for a friend and her daughter who trusted me to “make whatever I wanted”. It’s always nice to have someone trust your judgement and it’s always nice to let loose and have fun with sewing. This project was definitely fun! There were some t-shirts left over, so maybe there is more of that in my future. ; )


Plaid Shirt Dress


It’s been almost a whole year since I’ve last blogged. It’s not because I don’t care any more or haven’t though of it…I just haven’t done it. It seems like every time I’m working on a project I’m finishing it last minute and don’t have time to photograph it. Basically I’m just a slacker in the crafting, and then writing about it, department these days.

After coming back from this long hiatus I should be full of insight or have something great to tell you, but I don’t. Over these past long months I’ve learned a lot about myself and others. I’ve learned that I’m much stronger than I thought I was, but that I also still need someone to hold my hand sometimes. I’ve learned that people don’t always do what you expect and sometimes it’s in a good way and sometimes it’s in a bad way. I’m working on “putting myself out there more” like someone suggested. And that will hopefully be leading to new friendships and new opportunities…But I’m not really ready to talk too much about all this stuff. I might be ready to share in time, but now it’s not the right time.  So let’s get to the craft part.

plaid before

Here we have the before pictures. This is a lovely shirt that I inherited from my dad. I know its a super nice shirt and I might not should have chopped it up, but it doesn’t quite fit me and I don’t think giant preppy man’s shirt is the best look for me. But I do love this shirt!


I started with my usual process. Disassemble all the pieces! I took off the collar and the cuffs and stored them with all the other collars and cuffs that I have no idea what to do with, but one day will have a brilliant idea. I also cut off the sleeves.

Sometimes when I up-cycle I kind of used the item as fabric, but this time it was more of a sizing down process. I also didn’t take any more pictures of the process after this one. I forgot I should be snapping pics when I plan on blogging. I’m out of practice. I will just tell you what I did instead. After I cut the appendages off I put the shirt on and measured where the new shoulder should be and I created smaller arm holes. I used the sleeves I had taken off to make short sleeves for the dress. I turned the neck under so it would just be a round neck dress without a collar. I made a straight hem at the bottom of the shirt and realized I had made a really short dress. You know how the sides of button up shirts are shorter? Well, when the whole dress was that length all the way around it was a little much. It could have been a tunic, but I wanted a dress so I dug through some scraps and found a scalloped lace piece to add to the bottom.


Here it is. Front view. I actually really like the finished product!




View from the back.


Get a good over the shoulder look too!


I love looking down to see these fun patterns and cute (almost warn out) boots!

IMG_1320In the past 6 months I have probably put on make up like 5 total times. I just stopped wearing it. Today was one of those times. I hope you are impressed with this effort! It was all for you. I need to wash my face now.

This dress can also make a super cute fall outfit….


Bring on the colder weather. Tights and cardigans are my favorite clothing!


Now if you would please stick a marshmallow on this stick for me to roast. I need the fall to be here soon, but not that pumpkin spice crap everyone else wants. I want crisp air, scarves, and bonfires.


One last pic. I hope you have a lovely evening and that fall gets here quickly so we can all enjoy the best season there is!

Oh Deer!


It’s that crazy time of year. You know….the Holiday season. I make a personal effort to stress myself out un-necessarily as much as possible. I’m pretty good at it by now. I like to make gifts, but some of these ideas don’t pop into my crazy head until last minute. It’s not my fault my brain feels the need to procrastinate ideas. I can’t control that part.

Along with all the Holiday stress (that I mostly make up myself) I had to deal with renewing my health insurance today. I won’t give you the whole story, but I will let you know the Heath Insurance Marketplace is basically a joke. Every time I’ve called over the past year now they say I’ve never filled out an application, but I signed up for insurance through them, pay for it every month, and am able to use it at the doctor…so I’m not sure how I don’t have an application any where in the system. It can never be found in the system, but I can’t log in online either because apparently my login and password are invalid.

Basically what I am saying is that I was frustrated and needed to do something for myself. Just a little quick project that’s been ready to go for about a month.


I got this t-shirt from my work. It’s a little girls t-shirt and I know no one in that particular size. It was too adorable not to buy. I had no one to give it to so I had to make something out of it.

I began by cutting the front and the back off. I used a lightweight iron on interfacing so the t-shirt wouldn’t stretch while I was trying to work with it.


I then cut the front and the back of the shirt into two matching rectangles.


I faced the two pieces together, pinned down the edges, and sewed almost all the way around. I left a hole at the bottom, so I could flip the form inside out.


I then stuffed the pillow with poly-fil and sewed it shut. I personally like to use the poly-fil they have at Hancock Fabric. The stuffing from Hobby Lobby feels gross and is lumpy. (I love Hobby Lobby for other stuff though!)


Here is my new little cute deer hanging out with my other pillows and blankets.


Look closely and you will realize that all of the pillows are up-cycled. The other two are made of wash cloths and hand towels. These are great because they are easy to clean, and I know the t-shirt one will be too.

My sister always says that if you are stressed out about big stuff, take a break and do an easy project that you know you can accomplish quickly. This will make you feel a little better because you have completed something and it will be one less thing on your list. That’s what this project was for me today. I had tons of other stuff to do, but I began this as I was on hold with the Healthcare Marketplace. It was easy and didn’t take a lot of focus or time, but I’m in love with her! I think she needs a name. The elephant in my bathroom is Theodor. What should the deer in my living room be named?

BTW…I still don’t have health insurance for 2015 yet, but I have 6  more days to figure it out. And I know all of the Christmas presents will get finished even if I stay up all night Christmas Eve. I will have to sleep a little bit though because I know Santa won’t come while I’m awake.

Orange you glad I fixed this shirt?


And here we have another thrift store find that needed an update. I’m pretty sure my sister thought I was doing drugs when I picked this one out and said it needed to come home. I’m pretty sure she thinks that about a lot of the things I try to bring home. We both actually have knack for seeing what things could be instead of what they actually are, but we don’t always have the same vision. I think some of that might be because she doesn’t really sew. Well, she does a little bit, but mainly straight lines.


There it is in all of it’s glory. Extra long short sleeves, shoulder pads, and no basically shape.

IMG_2677 IMG_2676

Goodbye shoulder pads and too long sleeves.

IMG_2681 IMG_2683

I split the sleeve right down the middle and sewed in the crochet-like trim. It was actually a belt before it became the detail on my shirt.

IMG_2687 IMG_2688

I cut the shirt right down the back, which then became the front and created a new neck line. It sort of came to a v but also would cross over similar to a wrap dress, but would be sewn into place instead of tied.


I added little pleat tuck thingys on both sides under the bust.


Here is it finished. I paired it with purples skinny pants that don’t actually appear to be purple in these pictures. I wore a mustard colored tank underneath and one of my favorite feather necklaces.


And here we have a mirror selfie to show the detail down the sleeves.

I really like how it turned out, and enjoyed wearing it today. I think it will end up being a great shirt for the summer time. It was light and breezy and loose and fun.

Custom Tater Tot Clothes


If you haven’t noticed yet, I refer to my niece as a tater tot. With stats at 90th percentile length and 15th percentile weight, she is actually more like a french fry or a green bean, but never the less she will always be my tater tot. And she is the most beautiful tater tot I’ve ever seen.

Alex, my sister, sent me a link to a website with the most adorable little girl clothes. I can’t remember the site now, but I was really sad because there was nothing small enough for my favorite tot. She needed these beautiful funky clothes with lace and ruffles. Lucky for her she has a wonderful aunt, me, that will probably end up making her whatever she wants as she grows up. Not only am I just an all around great aunt (haha)…I’m a sucker and at 6 months I think she already knows it.


This was the first shirt I made her. It was a little boys button down shirt. I made a ruffle the bottom with extra fabric from the sleeves and with lace. Out of the lace I also created a peter-pan collar and poofy sleeves.  I had to open the neck on the back of the shirt so it would fit over her head and added a button and an elastic closure. I think this will be so cute with little leggings and boots!


This was the second item I made her. It is supposed to be a dress, but I think is going to more of a tunic on her long little body.  I started with a onesie, but I cut the bottom out of it, so it would be easier to sew the skirt on, plus I’m not sure it would have snapped at the bottom. Then I made the skirt part. This fabric is a little bit special because it is left over from the quilt I made her for Christmas. It’s just cotton and such a sweet pattern for a little girl. There is elastic at the waist so it’s easier to get on and off. I added a lace ruffle on the bottom and on the sleeves. And of course added another peter-pan collar on this one too.

I’m really excited that she has some funky one of a kind things that no one else will have. Now if I could just get some combat boots on her I think we would be set.

charley wagon

Here is a picture of my beautiful little tot, if you can find her. She is in her wagon with the quilt that matches her dress. She fell asleep with all of her stuffed animals while on a walk around the neighbor hood.