Cover Up


I’ve been wearing the same bathing suit cover up for years now. It’s cute. It kind of looks like a black strapless dress, but I’m sure everyone is tired of it. They actually probably don’t notice and I just think they pay that much attention to my cover up. I decided it was time for an upgrade…well, an addition to my cover up wardrobe.


Here it is. A giant golf shirt. But a beautiful coral colored golf shirt. I thought this would be perfect for a cover up. It’s big and I love the color! What else do you need in a cover up?


I started by removing the sleeves and collar. I used a seam ripper to save as much fabric as I could because I knew I would use most of the scraps during this project.


I brought in the sides a little bit, cut in the arm holes, and created a new neck line. I actually ended up using the back as the front because I wanted a big cut out in the back and I just cut around the button area. I folded under all the edges and sewed them down. It was quite easy because of the stretch in this garment and it didn’t ravel at all.


I used the collar remnants to create a bow in the big cut out in the back.


I cut the sleeves into strips and sewed them to create a big circle. This is for the bottom of the cover up. I then gathered one side to turn it into a ruffle and sewed it to the bottom of the cover up.

I also added a pinch underneath the bust in the middle to create a little bit more of a shape and less of a potato sack look.

cover up

Here is the finished product. I wanted to make something that could be warn in public if it needed to be. I think it worked. It’s long enough and covers up everything that needs to be covered for public outings. I can’t wait for the beach!!! (please excuse the post-pool/post-dance hair in the final pictures)