Creating, Sharing, and Giving Away Stuff


5:55 am. That’s when I began writing… but I will proof read a few times before this actually gets posted. I’ve been up since around 5 and I’ve showered and put on comfy clothes. I’m sitting on my couch sipping coffee, listening to a train pass by, and hoping my dog stays asleep in bed a little bit longer so I can work. Eventually, like in an hour and a half, I have to go to my “real” job that is at a tire store. I’ve been there almost 2 years, but there isn’t much of a creative outlet so over the past few months I’ve really pushed myself as a sewer and a creator. I work at the store approximately 48 hours most weeks and it is pretty exhausting most of the time. I constantly wish for more time and more energy to work on my Ole Little Red Bird (my Etsy shop) stuff, but it is what it is for now and I work when I can. Most of the time I can get my best work done in the morning time, but I can’t always seem drag my sleepy booty out of bed, which is odd because as soon as I get up I’m usually ready to go. It’s the actual physical act of removing the covers and standing up that’s the tricky part.


I have not written in a while. I kind of had my blog dedicated to up-cycled fashion for myself along with a few other things, but my creations have evolved somewhat and my time has been limited. In some weird compartmentalized place in my mind I didn’t want to mesh my projects together. I had projects with my sister, my Etsy shop, the blog, clothes for me, dance costumes….the list goes on, but I was keeping each task in a different place. I now realize that I don’t want to keep it all separate. I realized that it’s almost too difficult to do that and there isn’t really a reason to keep it that way. I don’t make much clothing for myself anymore, but that just because I don’t wear cute clothes to my job because it’s a dirty tire store. So I didn’t have much to blog about in that way. The sitting at a computer and writing part had become a little bit daunting. If I can’t find time to create, how will I find time to write about it? I’m still working on that part. I still want to share my work though, and I do, but not in as much detail as I was when I was blogging regularly. I am now on Instagram. Find me at and you can still keep up with me a little bit if you are interested.


I’m potentially doing a giveaway this weekend through Instagram to celebrate my 30th birthday. So make sure you find me and follow me to get in on the action. The details are: If I accumulate 300 followers by Friday evening when I head to bed I will do a surprise giveaway on Saturday, my birthday, and if I somehow manage 400 followers I will do 2 giveaways. They are surprises! I haven’t announced what they will be or how you will have to win the giveaway. So pick up that phone and find me, follow me, and tell your friends to do the same! You will find some cute stuff to look at on my page! I will show you a few of the cuties that have been made recently in this post.



a blog 1

a blog 2

a blog 3

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a blog 6

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of these sweet things. Find me on Instagram to see more and find out about the giveaway! I hope you lovelies have an amazing day. It’s going to be foggy here, but I always want sunshine. Maybe there will be tons of sunshine in your day! Love, Sammie